What Is Rule 1 In Rocket League?

What Is Rule 1 In Rocket League?
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Tarran Stockton


16th Jan 2023 14:34

If you're new to Rocket League, you may have seen players talk about Rule 1, which is a community created rule that players are expected to follow during games, with it even stretching to professional competitions. Rocket League's actual rules are pretty simple and to the point, score more than the opposing team and you'll win the game, just like football. However, with such a massive community of players, some things are sure to be established de facto and not officially. So, here's a breakdown of the question, what is Rule 1 in Rocket League?

What Is Rule 1 In Rocket League?

Rule 1 is a community-created rule that refers to when two players get stuck by driving directly into each other, causing them both to be stuck as they accelerate into each other. As part of Rule 1, when two players find themselves in this situation, neither of them are allowed to break the lock by driving off. They can only break this once a goal has been scored, or if another player disrupts the lock by driving into them. 

Now, this obviously isn't an official rule per Psyonix, and breaking Rule 1 won't cause you to face any real punishments or penalties, with the exception of what the players in the match decide. For example, a teammate of yours may elect to score an own goal if you break Rule 1, or the other team may focus you by trying to ram you down or blow you up. 

Not everyone abides by Rule 1, so sometimes other players won't care if you break the lock and the game will carry on as normal. This is more common with newer players, whereas high-ranked players who have been part of the community since the beginning are more likely to follow Rule 1 to the letter. 

Honestly, it's up to you if you stick to the rule or not in-game, but it's probably more fun to stick by your own rules and just play the game as intended. 

That's all for our explanation of Rocket League Rule 1, and now you know exactly what the rule refers to. 

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