How To Get Rocket League Fan Rewards

How To Get Rocket League Fan Rewards
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Coleman Hamstead


7th Feb 2023 12:20

Want to start earning Rocket League Fan Rewards? Rocket League Fan Rewards are exclusive Items that Rocket League players can get for tuning into competitive Rocket League on Twitch. If you're an avid collector or trader, you'll want to pay attention as we review how to get Rocket League Fan Rewards.

What Are Rocket League Fan Rewards?

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Fan Rewards are limited-time Items that players can earn by watching select Rocket League streams on Twitch. 

When Psyonix first introduced the Rocket League Fan Rewards program, Drops were not guaranteed for every viewer. Two individuals could watch an official broadcast for the same amount of time and one could get multiple Fan Rewards while the other received nothing. Which Fan Rewards you got were random too, which is why Phase 1 Items like Titanium While Apex Wheels with Certifications are so rare and expensive.

Nowadays, Fan Rewards are bound to Twitch's Drop Campaign and are guaranteed for everyone that tunes into a Drops-enabled stream for a designated amount of time. You can track your progress toward Fan Rewards in the Twitch account panel.

Fan Rewards can be traded, so exclusive Items from previous Phases hold significant value on the open market.

How To Register For Rocket League Fan Rewards

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To begin earning Rocket League Fan Rewards, you must link your Epic Games and Twitch accounts. To do this, follow the steps outlined below:

With your accounts linked, you can start earning Fan Rewards by watching official Rocket League streams on Twitch. You will get a notification on Twitch when you receive a Fan Reward. Look for the Fan Reward in the Inventory of your primary account the next time you launch Rocket League.

All official RLCS and CRL broadcasts will have Fan Rewards. Sometimes, third-party broadcasts will have Fan Rewards enabled too.

All Available Rocket League Fan Rewards

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Rocket League Fan Rewards are exclusive limited-time Items that come and go. Since the program's inception, there have been numerous Phases of Fan Rewards. The current batch of Fan Rewards available for players to earn includes:

  • RL Esports Decal (Octane)
  • RLCS Decal (Octane)
  • RLCS Decal (Dominus)
  • Stratum Badge Decal (Dominus)
  • Yorebands Decal (Fennec)
  • Big Splash Goal Explosion
  • Emerald Wheels
  • Rival Wheels
  • Rival: Radiant Wheels
  • RL Esports Wheels
  • Onliner Player Title
  • Instigator Player Title
  • Crown Avatar Border
  • RL Esports Player Banner

That's everything you need to know about Rocket League Fan Rewards. Link your Epic Games and Twitch accounts, then tune into an official Rocket League stream on Twitch to begin earning Fan Rewards. Who knows, in a couple of years, your limited-time Fan Rewards might be fairly valuable!

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