What is the Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI hitbox?

What is the Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI hitbox?
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Dave McAdam


9th Mar 2023 17:03

The Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI hitbox is a crucial bit of info for dedicated players. Rocket League cars and their hitboxes are an important part of high-level play. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is the latest car added to the game, bringing a true classic to players' garages. Here is everything you need to know about the Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI and its hitbox.

Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI: The hitbox

Rocket League VW Gold GTI Hitbox: Several new cars, including two kinds of Golf GTI
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Rocket League is a physics-based game, meaning hitboxes are an extremely important factor in competitive gameplay. Hardcore fans are well acquainted with the nuances of the cars and how they interact with the ball. This means the hitboxes of certain cars are much more valuable and sought after than others.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI borrows its hitbox from the Octane, a popular car with a commonly used hitbox. Octane is considered by many to have one of the best hitboxes in the game, meaning the Volkswagen Golf GTI has a very competitive design.

Players who want to compete and do well, who take the game seriously and want to give themselves every advantage, can rest assured that they will not be losing out if they decided to use the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI: How to get it

Rocket League VW Gold GTI Hitbox: The Golf GTI in the Rocket Pass
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If the Golf GTI appeals to you, and knowing that it has a competitive hitbox, has you wanting one for yourself, you are in luck. Getting the GTI is a pretty simple matter, but it is going to cost you.

With the launch of Rocket League Season 10 comes a new Rocket Pass, a season pass full of items for players to unlock. There is a free track, but most of the items require the purchase of the Rocket Pass to acquire.

The first item on the premium Rocket Pass track is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. This means that Rocket Pass holders can get their hands on the car straight away.

That is everything we have on the Rocket League Volkswagen Golf GTI hitbox, and also how to acquire the car. For more on the game, check out how to get Rocket League fan rewards.

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