Rocket League Season 12 start date & time, Rocket Pass, new event & more

Rocket League Season 12 start date & time, Rocket Pass, new event & more
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5th Sep 2023 18:00


Rocket League Season 12 is finally here, and we've got everything you need to know about the start date and time, Rocket Pass, new event, and plenty more.

There's always excitement when a new Rocket League season comes around, and it is bound to bring a bunch of new content to the game, alongside all of the expected rewards from the previous season. Season 12 looks to be particularly special, with some highlights that many fans have been requesting for a long time now.

So, all you need to do now is continue reading to find out more about Rocket League Season 12, as we've got everything you'll need to know to be prepared below.

What is the Rocket League Season 12 start date & time?

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Season 12 of Rocket League will go live on September 6 at 4pm BST/8am PDT, following an update at midnight BST on the same day.

Make sure that you've downloaded the update as soon as possible after it goes live, as you won't want to be stuck waiting for it to finish while every other player is able to jump straight into the action and new content.

If you're in a different timezone to those listed above though, make sure to check out the table below to find out exactly when Rocket League Season 12 will go live:

Time Zone Start Time (Date)
PDT 08:00 (September 6)
EDT 11:00 (September 6)
UTC 15:00 (September 6)
BST 16:00 (September 6)
CEST 17:00 (September 6)
IST 20:30 (September 6)
CST 23:00 (September 6)
JST 00:00 (September 7)
AEST 01:00 (September 7)

Rocket League Season 12 new content

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As always, the release of a new season in Rocket League brings an abundance of new content, so check out the list below to see everything new that is arriving in Season 12:

  • Porsche 911 Turbo car
  • Neo Tokyo (Hacked) Area variant
  • The return of the Haunted Hallows in-game event
  • Season 11 Competitive Rewards
  • New Rocket Pass

As you can probably imagine, the new Porsche 911 Turbo car is the highlight of Season 12, and you can unlock it straight away by getting the Rocket Pass Premium - so we can imagine that will be a popular choice for many.

It is in celebration of Porsche's 75th anniversary, so what better way to commemorate the birthday than scoring some wonder goals with the car?

Alongside this, we will see a new map variant in the form of Neo Tokyo (Hacked), letting players experience some new digital disruption when playing, which is always exciting.

What is the new event in Rocket League Season 12?

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The new event that is arriving in Rocket League Season 12 is Haunted Hallows. This will now be the 7th time that the event has appeared in the game, as it was the first all the way back in 2017 and has reappeared every single year since.

It will likely arrive with a bunch of new Halloween-themed cosmetic items, so you can get your cars prepared for the spooky season ahead, so make sure that you complete all of the challenges to collect the set.

While we do not have a concrete release date right now, we can assume that it will likely start around mid-October, as that is what has happened in the six previous entries. Based on previous dates, we can safely predict that it will start between October 16 and October 20, but we will make sure to let you know when any concrete information arises.

That wraps up everything you need to know about Rocket League Season 12, so make sure to jump in as soon as it starts to enjoy all of the action and new content.

Check out our Rocket League homepage if you're looking for more guides, or find out what the best Rocket League car is here if you're feeling curious.

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