All Level Titles In Rocket League

All Level Titles In Rocket League
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Jack Marsh


31st Jan 2023 16:45

We all love flexing on people in Rocket League, whether it be with a sparkling new decal design, a titanium white goal explosion, or a quirky new title.

The latter selection is all about your personality though, and some of the simplest and brag-worthy quips come from the Rocket League Level Titles. But, what are the Rocket League Level Titles and how do you get them?

What Are Rocket League Level Titles?

Players in Rocket League level up. A ground-breaking piece of technology in gaming. And for levelling up to certain ranks, players will earn titles.

The Rocket League Level Titles differ from the ranks achieved in the Rocket Passes and instead focus on your lifetime XP, where players can grind through 1,000 ranks and earn rewards on the way.

The milestone levels are also met with Rocket League Level Titles, which can be equipped to a player's profile to flex their experience to other players.

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Current Rocket League Level Titles

After a patch in November 2015, Rocket League introduced 1,000 levels, with 14 Rocket League Level Titles that are dished out at milestone numbers.

The update batch still exists today, as more and more players begin to unlock the rarer titles.

For the first 100 levels, players will get a new title every 20 levels, and from 100 onwards, the disparity is then extended to the next multiple of 100.

All of the Rocket League Level Titles are as follows:

Level Title Total XP Required
20 Veteran 190,000
40 Expert 590,000
60 Master 990,000
80 Legend 1,390,000
100 Rocketeer 1,790,000
200 Elite Challenger 3,790,000
300 Superstar 5,790,000
400 All-Star 7,790,000
500 Supreme Rival 9,790,000
600 Transcendent Master 11,790,000
700 Legendary Nemesis 13,790,000
800 Ultimate Baller 15,790,000
900 Rocketeer Elite 17,790,000
1000 Rocket Demigod 19,790,000

Older Rocket League Level Titles

The current list of Rocket League Level Titles isn't the only time we've had these rewards based on XP rankings. 

Back in 2015, players were allocated Rocket League Level Titles as a non-optional flair to their in-game personality. 

Players who managed to collect these rewards will still have the titles available to equip.

Level Title Total XP Required
1 Rookie 0
10 Semi-Pro 23,500
20 Pro 177,250
30 Veteran 611,000
40 Expert 1,474,750
50 Master 2,918,500
60 Legend 5,092,250
74 Rocketeer 9,647,500

Of course, there are many, many, more Rocket League Titles to be found within the game, specifically with the Seasonal Rocket Passes and Ranked Rewards, but flexing some of the higher tier level titles can be quite a show of dominance. 

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