How To Get The Fennec In Rocket League

How To Get The Fennec In Rocket League
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31st Jan 2023 17:29

Rocket League may have a high-skill bar, but sometimes players just want to jump on and showcase their favourite vehicles. Even amongst all the drifting, sliding, and flying through the arenas, distracting the opposite team with your decal can be a great strategy.

One of the most sought-after is the Fennec - a vehicle that is highly regarded within the esports community for its efficiency. It’s considered a premium vehicle, and with that level of prestige, it’s understandably quite challenging to come across.

That being said, if you’re looking for how to get the Fennec in Rocket League, we have a few various ways that can help you in doing so.

How To Get The Fennec In Rocket League

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As with most vehicles in Rocket League, there are a variety of ways to unlock the Fennec. It’s not just a simple case of completing a challenge or winning a few matches. In order to obtain it, you’re going to work a little bit hard for it.

Luckily, there are a few ways - some easier than others - that can help you obtain it. Here are the best and quickest ways to unlock the Fennec in Rocket League:

  • Trading: If you know someone who has the Fennec, or can build trust with someone on forums or social media, trading is the quickest and easiest way to obtain the Fennec. You can also trade in items for random drops, one of which could be the Fennec.
  • Store: On a regular rotation, the Rocket League store updates with new vehicles to purchase. It’s worth keeping an eye out and seeing if the Fennec shows up from time to time.
  • Get the Blueprint: Occasionally, you may receive a blueprint after an online match of Rocket League, which you can use to craft the Fennec. You will need a fair bit of credits to do it, so make sure you are stocked up.

These three methods are the most ideal ways of unlocking the Fennec. Outside of trading, there’s no real sure-fire way of speeding up the process, but as long as you keep playing Rocket League on a regular basis, you will more than likely come across the Fennec in the future.

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