When Is Rocket League Swapping To Unreal Engine 5?

When Is Rocket League Swapping To Unreal Engine 5?
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Jack Marsh


13th Jan 2023 10:05

After Epic Games took Rocket League free-to-play, fans of the soccar title all wondered when the colossal developers would take the vanilla game through their Unreal Engine 5 and return it to players as a Neopolitan wonderland. Yet nine seasons of gameplay have surpassed since Epic and Psyonix joined forces, and Rocket League remains the same as it always has been. So, when is Rocket League swapping to Unreal Engine 5?

Is Rocket League Swapping To Unreal Engine 5?

Epic Games has never specifically told the public that Unreal Engine 5 is in the pipeline for Rocket League, but it has accidentally leaked that this is something that's going on in the background. 

In one of Epic's job advertisements for a Marketing Copywriter, the description revealed that UE5 is on the cards and that the role would support Psyonix in future projects such as moving Rocket League and Sideswipe to Unreal Engine 5.

"The marketing department continues to build out its team in order to maintain and expand its ability to support Rocket League’s ongoing initiatives, as well [as] future Psyonix projects including Rocket League: Sideswipe and Rocket League’s move to UE5."

In response to this leak, Psyonix Community Manager, Devin Connors, further confirmed this, saying, "Upgrading the technology that powers Rocket League, including a move to UE5, is something we are actively working on. This is a long-term project for us, and we’ll share more details when we’re ready to show our players what’s coming next."

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When Is Rocket League Swapping To Unreal Engine 5?

Unfortunately, there's no time frame for "long-term". One theory is that Rocket League Season 10 will conclude and bring together a new age of the game, just like it did when Rocket League (Legacy) Season 10 concluded to then bring free-to-play to the table. 

The tenth season of Rocket League's free-to-play era is expected to start around April, meaning that it will end somewhere around July/August, where Epic will then likely reveal what's in store for the future of the game.

However, it could be more timely than we think, as it took just nine months for Fortnite to be converted to Unreal Engine 5 (April to December 2022), meaning that it could be a lot closer than we think.

What Happens When Rocket League Swaps To Unreal Engine 5?

The transition to Unreal Engine 5 would allow Rocket League to expand its extra-curricular activities, alongside making the game perform and look much better.

Features such as Custom Training, versus AI, and Garage Customisation will all get a makeover with more ways of coding and expanding on these. Some players also expect a Creative Mode to be added that allows for custom maps to be made, either for aerial time trials, ball control training, or simply a new-look arena for a good old game of soccar.

Ultimately, Unreal Engine 5 is already revving in the background, but there's no official date for when its headlights will leave the garage.

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