How To Play Speed Demon In Rocket League

How To Play Speed Demon In Rocket League
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2nd Feb 2023 17:47

If you're a long-time supporter of Rocket League and an advocate of achievement/trophy hunting in your games, you might be quite familiar with the term "Speed Demon". Having earned its title from being a challenge including the devil horns topper, Speed Demon has now evolved into a Rocket League limited-time game mode to celebrate the Neon Lights theme. So, what is the game mode and how do you play Speed Demon in Rocket League?

What Is Speed Demon In Rocket League?

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As a brand-new 3v3 limited-time game mode to Rocket League, players won't be familiar with this new high-tempo game mode.

Speed Demon derives from Boomer Ball, where the boost is unlimited and the ball moves at double the power as usual. Featuring a larger and faster ball - albeit less bouncy than usual - this game mode is all about pace and power, but also precision as demolitions are key.

Players will demo their opposition upon the slightest of contact, making it quite the tool to use in order to relieve or amass pressure.

How To Play Speed Demon In Rocket League

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Playing Speed Demon in Rocket League is quite simple. Whether you're on your solo or teamed up with a squad of up to three players, the process is easy.

All you need to do is head to the main menu, select "Play (hit the field)", choose the Casual playlists, and the Limited Time Mode Speed Demon option will be available. Picking this will automatically queue you into a game, where the population will likely be "amazing".

Speed Demon will be available in Rocket League until February 8, when it will be succeeded by the ever-popular Spike Rush.

If you want to be a true Speed Demon, make sure you have your horns equipped as a topper, and you can soon flex on your demo'd foes by rearing the head of Satan himself.

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