Where to find all the 'Operation Nightmare' bosses in Warzone DMZ

Where to find all the 'Operation Nightmare' bosses in Warzone DMZ
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21st Oct 2023 17:35


Call of Duty's The Haunting in-game event is out now for players to enjoy a scary and spooky journey across the maps and encounter vicious creatures and monsters when hunting for loot. One of the more interesting additions to the game is Operation Nightmare, where players will encounter unnerving otherworldly bosses around the Al-Mazrah Warzone map. 

So, keep on reading this guide on how to find each of the Nightmare Bosses in the Warzone DMZ: The Haunting.

Where are the Operation Nightmare bosses in Warzone DMZ?

There are six bosses in the Operation Nightmare event in Warzone DMZ, and all are located in Al-Mazrah.

Boss Location
The Butcher Al-Samman Cemetery, Zaya Observatory, Al-Mazrah City, Zarqwah Hydroelectric
Ghost Train The Al-Mazrah train
Swamp Creature Mawizeh Marsh
The Pharaoh Oasis
UFO Sawah Village
Evil Spirits Al-Malik Airport, Al Mazrah City, Safwa Quarry, Al Samman Cemetery

The Butcher

Warzone The Butcher
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The Butcher from Diablo IV appears in The Haunting in Warzone DMZ and appears in Al-Samman Cemetery, Zaya Observatory, Al-Mazrah City, or Zarqwah Hydroelectric. You will need to activate the Altars of Lillith around a ritual site, and during this time, zombies will attack them. Activating all Altars will open a portal on the map, which will take you to The Butcher.

Ghost Train

Warzone Ghost Train
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The Al-Mazrah train has turned into the Ghost Train in The Haunting event. The train is filled with a lot of loot, and unfortunately, it is also very well-protected with sentry guns and traps. Not to mention, there are other players as well. To complete the Ghost Train activity, you will need to steal the Heart from the train's safe, which is located at the front.

Swamp Creature

Warzone Swamp Creature
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The Swamp creature is found in the Mawizeh Marshlands in Al-Mazrah. To summon the Swamp Creature, you will need to find the Tiara in one of the egg pods in the location. Finding the Tiara will make the Swamp Creature spawn, and it will need to be defeated. 

The Pharaoh

Warzone The Pharaoh
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The Pharaoh is located in the Oasis at Al-Mazrah. To summon them, you will need to get ten red skulls from the possessed enemies in the area. After that, you will need to place the skulls in the sarcophagus. Afterward, The Pharaoh will spawn, and the fight will start.


Warzone UFO
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The UFO is located around Sawah Village in Al-Mazrah. Sometimes they spawn within the village, and other times, they spawn near the coast or the ocean. 

Evil Spirits

The Evil Spirits are not marked on the map, so they are a bit tricky to find. But they do spawn in four locations:

  • The Reaper can be found by looting containers in Al-Safwa Quarry
  • The Specter can be found by looting containers in Al Bagra Fortress
  • The Ghoul can be found by looting containers in Al-Mazrah City
  • The Witch can be found by looting containers in Al-Malik Airport

While the Evil Spirits are time-consuming to locate, they are definitely not impossible. You will notice you've found one when you get a notification as well as a jumpscare.

Operation Nightmare Rewards in Warzone DMZ

Defeating every boss in Operation Nightmare one time will reward you with a unique calling card. In addition to this, defeating The Butcher will reward you with Butcher's Meat Hook in Diablo IV.

So, that is everything you need to know about the Operation Nightmare boss locations in Warzone DMZ. Our dedicated guide hub for Warzone, MW2, and DMZ has everything related to them, so be sure to check them out as well.

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