How to get the Specialist Perk in Warzone Rebirth Island

How to get the Specialist Perk in Warzone Rebirth Island
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26th Apr 2024 17:17


Warzone fans are in for a treat with a lot of new features being added to the game in Season 3 Reloaded. One of the most eye-catching additions to the game will be the return of the Specialist perk. Making its initial appearance in the original Warzone, the perk package will now be available in the new Warzone for the first time, specifically in Rebirth Island.

In anticipation of this, here's everything you need to know about this Specialist Perk in Warzone Rebirth Island and how to get it in the game.

Specialist Perk explained

The Specialist Perk package in Warzone Rebirth Island grants you all the perks available in the game. There are currently 29 perks in the game, and with this perk package, you'll have access to all of them. This will effectively turn your operator into a super soldier, ready to take on all kinds of foes.

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The perks that players can get with the Specialist Perk Package include:

Battle Hardened, Birdseye, Cold-Blooded, Combat Scout, Double Time, E.O.D., Escapist, Flex, Focus, Ghost, High Alert, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Payout, Primed, Quick Fix, Resolute, Resupply, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Shrouded, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Stalker, Strong Arm, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.

The perks will even be active if you select Loadout Drops with specific perks.

How to get the Specialist Perk

The Specialist Perk is an extremely rare loot, so finding it will take a lot of time. It can be found as ground loot in Rebirth Island.

You have a high chance of finding this perk on the Points of Interest (POI) on the Rebirth Island map and in the orange loot boxes. Fortunately, it is easily identifiable as it will have red and yellow colouring with a drawing of a fist and stars on it. 

Is the Specialist Perk useful?

The Specialist perk is definitely useful in Rebirth Island as it will turn you into a super soldier basically. You'll have almost no weaknesses and can take down enemies in various ways. Additionally, with all the perks available, you can switch your playstyles at any moment to give you an advantage over other players. But, you'll definitely need to be lucky to even get it in the game.

That's everything you need to about the Specialist Perk in Warzone Rebirth Island. We also have a Warzone hub where you'll find guides on various topics like the best loadouts in the game, getting the Binary Morality camo, and all the weekly challenges in Season 3.

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