Is Warzone Mobile cross-platform & crossplay?

Is Warzone Mobile cross-platform & crossplay?
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Coleman Hamstead


3rd Apr 2024 10:20


Now that Warzone Mobile is officially out, many in the community are interested in whether or not the game is cross-platform and crossplay. Cross-platform play and crossplay are becoming the norm in modern-day gaming, but are they supported in Warzone Mobile?

This primer details how cross-platform play and crossplay work in Warzone Mobile, including if you can play the game on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

Is Warzone Mobile cross-platform & crossplay?

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Warzone Mobile supports cross-platform play, but only between iOS and Android. It's currently not possible to take part in cross-platform play or crossplay with consoles and PCs.

Can you play Warzone Mobile on PS5 or Xbox?

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Despite their similarities, Warzone Mobile, MW3, and Warzone are entirely different games, so while maps like Rebirth Island and Shipment might exist across all three titles, Warzone Mobile, MW3, and Warzone players can't simply drop into the same lobbies. These titles do share unified Call of Duty technology, which is why cross-progression is possible, but if you're playing Warzone Mobile on an iPad or iPhone, you can't party up with your friends playing Warzone on PS5 or Xbox, and Warzone Mobile itself isn't available on PS5 or Xbox.

Even if the technology supported it, balancing crossplay between mobile devices, consoles, and PCs would be dreadful. No matter how good you are at playing Call of Duty on iOS or Android, you'll have a rough time battling against veterans on a high-end PC. By designing Warzone Mobile for mobile devices exclusively, the developers can fine-tune the experience and ensure, to the best of their abilities, that everyone's on equal footing.

But that doesn't mean Warzone Mobile is entirely fair! Warzone Mobile features controller support, and all players, regardless of whether they're using native touch controls or a controller, will be matched together. However, the developer promises it'll make adjustments and separate the matchmaking pools if either native touch or controller proves to be far superior to the other.

Can you play Warzone Mobile on PC?

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Warzone Mobile may not officially support cross-platform play, but you can play it on PC! You'll have to install an emulator and do some setup, but you can get the game to work on PC if you so desire. 

Warzone Mobile allows anyone with a mobile device to experience the best that Call of Duty has to offer. While you can't enjoy cross-platform play or crossplay, it does feature cross-progression and controller support, and you can even play it on a PC with the proper arrangements, so there's no excuse for your friends on Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone to not check it out!

Warzone Mobile includes original features not available in either MW3 or Warzone, like The Keep. Check out our Warzone homepage at GGRecon for more news and guides on the new free-to-play Call of Duty title from Activision.

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