Warzone Mobile iOS & Android requirements & install size

Warzone Mobile iOS & Android requirements & install size
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21st Mar 2024 15:53

With Warzone Mobile bringing the Call of Duty battle royale to smaller screens, many fans will be curious if their Apple or Android devices can run the game. Mobile requirements are very different from PC, and can often be difficult to clarify.

If you're curious if your phone will be able to run Warzone and how much memory it will take up, here is everything you need to know.

Warzone Mobile iOS and Android requirements

The specs required to run the Warzone Mobile will differ depending on which type of device you are using, like an iPhone or an Android. Below are details for both kinds of devices so you can find the relevant info easily.

iOS system requirements

The primary requirements to run Warzone on an Apple mobile device are iOS version 16.0 or newer, and at least 3GB of RAM. This means you will need at least an iPhone 8 Plus, preferably something newer as even this phone just about passes the requirements.

If you have an iPhone or iPad with more than 3GB of RAM, you just need to update iOS to the latest version. This is usually done automatically but you can perform a manual update by going to Settings, then General, then select Software Update.

Android system requirements

For Android devices, you will require 4GB of RAM, and Android Adreno 618 or better to get Warzone Mobile working. Essentially, you will need a phone or tablet released from 2020 or later, so a relatively recent device.

There are a wide variety of Android devices with all kinds of specs, but so long as you bought yours in the last four years or so, you should be okay to run Warzone on it.

How big is Warzone Mobile?

The game demands roughly 7-8GB of storage space, so make sure to clear some room for Warzone Mobile before you install it.

How big the game is and how much you need to download depends on your device. For me on my Android, the game was an initial 1.5GB download from the Play Store, followed by more than 5GB of updates and installation.

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The overall size on iOS devices is about the same, but how it installs is different.

The initial download is nearly 4GB for iPhone and iPad users, followed by more than 3GB of additional files downloaded once you launch the game for the first time.

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