Can you turn off jumpscares in Warzone's 'The Haunting' event?

Can you turn off jumpscares in Warzone's 'The Haunting' event?
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19th Oct 2023 10:54

If you don’t want to experience the spooky jumpscares in Call of Duty’s latest Halloween event, you might be wondering if there's even an option to be able to turn them off in the game - and we've got a rundown of all you need to know.

Warzone 2’s much anticipated The Haunting event is here, introducing a bunch of themed content for the Halloween festival. Similar to the previous year, Activision has enabled the jumpscares feature in the game to startle the player. 

As a result, a flashy image and a loud noise will randomly pop up on the screen for a scary experience - so here's the rundown on if you're able to disable them. 

Does Call of Duty: The Haunting let you turn off jumpscares?

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The ability to turn off jump scares only affects the Battle Pass in Warzone 2, and not the in-game ones.

While this could be a bug, until then, the only way to avoid them completely is to stay away from Al Mazrah or Vondel. 

Follow these simple steps to turn off jump scares in Warzone DMZ's Battle Pass:

  1. Go to the Battle Pass tab in the game's menu
  2. You will receive a message about The Haunting event and the option to turn off jump scares
  3. Select the 'No Tricks, Just Treats: Turn Them Off' option

Regarding the jumpscares, a Reddit user commented, “They should let us turn off jump scares during The Haunting. The toggle only works for the battle pass. The in-game ones are still there. I guess I won’t play this month.”

When do jumpscares occur in Call of Duty: The Haunting?

The Haunting event in Warzone 2 has jump scares when you open any lootable containers on Al Mazrah or Vondel at night. If you don’t like scary pop-ups, you have two options: don’t open any chests on those maps, or skip the playlists that have them.

Update: Activision has announced that they’ve just released an update that reduces the frequency of repeat jump scares found in loot containers in Warzone.

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