You can play Warzone Mobile on PC, here's how

You can play Warzone Mobile on PC, here's how
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Dave McAdam


27th Mar 2024 17:16

If you want to play Warzone Mobile on your PC with a mouse and keyboard or a controller, there is a way. Warzone Mobile is intended for phones and tablets, but as we all know there are ways around these things.

If you want to revisit Verdansk on a bigger screen, or you're a poor sport and want an advantage over those suckers using touchscreen controls, here is how you can play the mobile version of the game on a PC.

How to run Warzone Mobile on PC

Warzone Mobile on the Bluestacks app
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The first thing you will need for this is Bluestacks. If you haven't heard of it, Bluestacks is an Android platform for PC, essentially it allows you to run Android apps on your computer. This is essential for running just about any mobile game this way, so your first task is to head over to the website and download the program.

Once Bluestacks is installed, open the Google Play Store through it. Search for Warzone Mobile, and download it just as you would if you were doing so on your phone. Once the download and installation are complete, you are nearly good to go.

How to connect a controller

An Xbox controller beside a phone playing Warzone Mobile
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Getting Warzone Mobile running on your PC is only half the battle, as now you need a way to control it. Mouse and keyboard is possible on a mobile device through a series of apps and setups, but doing the same thing on PC is a different story. To play Warzone Mobile on PC, the easiest method is to use a controller.

Thankfully, Bluestacks is compatible with most modern controllers, and you only need to change some simple settings to get it working.

  • Click the Settings icon in the bottom right of the Bluestacks app
  • Click on Preferences, then go to Game Control Settings
  • Tick the box to enable Game Pad Detection
  • Select Auto to make the game automatically detect your controller

With that, you can now launch Warzone Mobile on Bluestacks and it should work. This is not the intended experience so expect some hiccups, but for the most part, the process should be fairly seamless.

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