Squad Assemble in Warzone explained & all rewards

Squad Assemble in Warzone explained & all rewards
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Samam Hasan


16th Apr 2024 11:36

With the launch of Season 3, Call of Duty's Warzone has received lots of new content, and while the return of Rebirth Island and the addition of the Warzone Bootcamp are standouts, another crucial addition is the Squad Assemble feature.

But if you're unsure about how Squad Assemble works in the game, here's a rundown of how to do it properly and what the rewards are for it.

What is a Squad Assemble?

When you and your teammates land in the near vicinity of each other's landing radius, that counts as a Squad Assemble.

While this is optional and only possible during the beginning of a match, a Squad Assemble can prove effective if there are a bunch of enemies within your areas, should you run into them - and remaining close to your teammates is highly beneficial in Warzone anyway.

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When your first teammate lands, a small radius will be visible around them which indicates where you should land for a Squad Assemble. You will also receive a notification telling you to land near your teammates as well.

You and your other teammates simply need to land within the landing radius in the following ways to do various types of Squad Assemble:

  • Full Squad Landing (Quads): All four players landing radii will need to overlap with at least one other
  • Full Squad Landing (Trios): All three players landing radii will need to overlap with at least one other
  • Two Half Squad Landing (Quads): Two pairs of players land separately, with each pair’s landing radius overlapping
  • Majority Squad Landing (Quads): Three of the four players will need to land with overlapping radii, and the other player can land separately
  • Majority Squad Landing (Trios): Two of the three players will need to land with overlapping radii, and the other player can land separately
  • Duo Squad Landing (Duos): For Duos, both squadmates need to land with their radii overlapping

What rewards are there?

Key art of players in Warzone
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Depending on the type of Squad Assemble, you and your team will receive the following rewards:

  • Mark the Landing Destination: Each player receives XP if any of their teammate pings the location where you land before the first squad member touches the ground
  • Full Squad Landing (Quads, Trios): Land as a full squad for a sizeable XP and Cash bonus, as well as a Supply UAV
  • Majority Squad Landing (Quads, Trios): Land with two other members (Quads) or one other member (Trios) for a reasonable XP and Cash bonus, as well as a Supply UAV
  • Half Squad or Duo Squad Landing (Quads, Duos): Land with one other teammate (Quads) or land with your teammate (Duos) and both of you receive a modest XP and Cash bonus

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