How to get souls quickly in MW2 & Warzone Soul Capture Event

How to get souls quickly in MW2 & Warzone Soul Capture Event
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18th Oct 2023 17:24

To get the most out of the Soul Capture Event, you’ll need to know how to get souls fast in MW2 & Warzone 2.

This will allow you to obtain all the Halloween-themed rewards from The Haunting as quickly as possible, so you can be one of the first to show them off in-game.

While the process of collecting souls in MW2 & Warzone is quite simple, there are some strategies you can use to speed up the process.

So, let’s run through the fastest way to farm souls in MW2 & Warzone’s Soul Capture Event.

How to farm souls in The Haunting Event in MW2 & Warzone

The fastest way to collect souls in MW2 and Warzone’s Soul Capture Event is to play specific modes that maximize how many souls you can farm per match.

As every player you eliminate drops a soul and the amount you can collect is limited depending on which mode you play, it’s just a case of finding the most efficient playlist

So, as long as you’re taking down plenty of opponents, here are the best modes to play in Warzone and MW2 for farming souls in The Haunting:


  • Shipment 24/7
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed


  • Any Resurgence mode

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If you have a choice between Warzone and MW2 when it comes to farming souls, it’s definitely worth picking multiplayer. You’re guaranteed to earn souls quicker as it’s a lot easier to pick up kills.

All rewards in MW2 & Warzone Soul Capture Event

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Here are all of the rewards you can unlock by spending the souls you’ve earned during the MW2 and Warzone Soul Capture Event:

  • Gone Batty Weapon Sticker (15 Souls)
  • Skullified Calling Card (30 Souls)
  • Double Weapon XP Token 30 Minutes (30 Souls)
  • Bit Corny Charm (60 Souls)
  • Alien Death Ray Handgun (150 Souls)
  • Join Me Loading Screen (75 Souls)
  • Double Weapon XP Token 1 Hour (30 Souls)
  • Bad Luck Charm (30 Souls)
  • Carved Up Weapon Sticker (60 Souls)
  • Tier Skip (90 Souls)
  • Violent End SMG Blueprint (200 Souls)
  • Mastery 1 Roze Skin (Unlock 10 items from the Soul Shop)
  • Mastery 2 Konig Skin (Unlock 15 items from the Soul Shop)

Keep in mind, that an additional six rewards will be available to unlock in the Soul Capture shop on October 24. These will include another Emblem, Charm, Weapon Sticker, Calling Card, Tier Skip, and even a Camo.

Remember, if you’re thinking of purchasing MW3 before November 10, it’s definitely worth knowing how to get your hands on the Zombie Ghost and Lockpick Operators. They’re some of the best-looking cosmetics so far this year.

Be sure to check out our Call of Duty homepage for all of the latest news and guides, or find out what the best SMGs in MW2 are here if you love CQB combat.

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