How to start the Resurgence Champion's Quest & get a Nuke on Rebirth Island

How to start the Resurgence Champion's Quest & get a Nuke on Rebirth Island
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9th Apr 2024 12:14


A brand-new Resurgence Champion's Quest is available on Rebirth Island in Warzone. However, you can't begin the Contract until you prove your worth in Warzone, and even then, only the best of the best will have what it takes to finish it!

This primer details how to start the game's new Champion's Quest and everything that goes into getting a Nuke on Rebirth Island.

How to start the Resurgence Champion's Quest

To begin your journey to achieving a Nuke on Rebirth Island, you must begin the Resurgence Champion's Quest. To start this Contract, you must win five consecutive matches or achieve 30 total wins in a single season of Warzone. After that, you'll be able to kick off the Resurgence Champion's Quest.

Like with the Nuke Contracts on Al Mazrah and Vondel, you'll receive a pop-up notification while entering the Warzone, letting you know that the Champion's Quest is available. From there, you can check your Tac-Map for the precise location of the Contract, and there'll be a couple of different spots to grab it. Having said that, you may want to wait to start the Contract!

How to get a Nuke on Rebirth Island

Champion's Domination victory screen in Warzone
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To get a Nuke on Rebirth Island, you must acquire three elements and arm the Nuke. Sound familiar? Well, there's a twist that makes this by far the most difficult Nuke to pull off in Warzone.

Upon accepting the Resurgence Champion's Quest on Rebirth Island, you'll have a mere ten minutes to collect all the elements for the Nuke. However, each element takes ten minutes to drop in, making this Contract seem impossible. But you can force the elements to drop in faster!

While the ten-minute deadline to get all the elements is nonnegotiable, the countdown on the individual elements will lower every time you down, interrogate, or assassinate an enemy, purchase something from a Buy Station, or plunder a Loot Cache. You'll need to continuously take actions that reduce the element timers if you hope to collect all three elements and detonate the Nuke before the Contract expires and you fail the Resurgence Champion's Quest.

As soon as an element timer zeroes out, the element will drop on top of your squad via a Care Package. You'll need to open and hold the element to start progressing through the following element timer. Remember, though, these elements inflict harmful effects on their possessors, such as permanently revealing the holder, occasionally applying the effects of a Shock Stick, scrambling the minimap, and disabling the usage of vehicles.

Once you manage to collect all the elements, wait for the bomb to arrive nearby. Now, assemble the Nuke and defend it until it explodes to earn credit for Rebirth Island's Resurgence Champion's Quest.

Tips & tricks

  • Do not immediately accept the Resurgence Champion's Quest. You should collect roughly $100,000 Cash before starting the Contract, or you'll almost certainly run out of time and fail it.
  • Take advantage of Fire Sales. If you stash enough Cash, you can make dozens of purchases at a Buy Station during a Fire Sale and make the elements drop in way faster. 
  • Buy Armour Plates! They are the most cost-efficient item available at Buy Stations.
  • Remember to interrogate and assassinate downed foes. These actions will greatly reduce the time it takes for the elements to appear.
  • Don't eliminate everyone in the lobby before you assemble the Nuke. Otherwise, all your hard work was for nothing!


The Operator Skin you get for getting a Nuke on Rebirth Island
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Completing the Resurgence Champion's Quest and dropping a Nuke on Rebirth Island will net you and your teammates some spicy rewards, including a brand-new Nuke Operator Skin. Here's everything you get:

  • Master Procrastinator Weapon Charm
  • Champion Banner Animated Calling Card 
  • Alpha Particles Weapon Sticker
  • Engine Light’s On Weapon Camo
  • Material Handler Operator Skin

That's the basics of getting a Nuke on Rebirth Island. This is definitely the hardest Nuke to get thus far. It's so difficult that many in the community think that the devs will make it easier because of how truly challenging it is. But, for now, you'll need to grind it out and reduce those element timers quickly if you hope to be one of the few Warzone players rocking the Material Handler Operator Skin.

Increase your chances of a successful Nuke by equipping the most popular meta loadouts in Season 3. Check out our Warzone homepage at GGRecon for more news and guides on the Call of Duty BR!

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