Where to find & how to use Biometric Scanners & Keycards in Warzone

Where to find & how to use Biometric Scanners & Keycards in Warzone
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Coleman Hamstead


29th Mar 2024 17:28


Biometric Scanners are a new feature in Warzone, releasing as part of Season 3 on April 3, 2024. Interacting with one of these terminals will grant you a personalised Keycard, permitting access to a never-before-seen menu at Buy Stations.

This primer details Biometric Scanners and Keycards, including where to find and how to use these new additions to the free-to-play battle royale.

Where to find Biometric Scanners

The new Rebirth Island in Warzone
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Biometric Scanners are only available in the upgraded communications facilities on Rebirth Island. There are ten Biometric Scanners altogether, and you'll always find them in the same spots. We'll update this guide when Season 3 goes live, and we uncover the precise locations of the Biometric Scanners.

How to use Biometric Scanners

Approaching an active Biometric Scanner will allow it to check your statistics and produce a personalised Keycard that'll automatically slot into your Backpack. Your Keycard will include your Operator name, Clan Tag, and Access Level. Only once per match can you use a Biometric Scanner.

Furthermore, interacting with Biometric Scanners will award XP and unlock permanent in-game rewards, like camos. Visit and revisit the different Biometric Scanners to discover unclaimed goodies.

How to get Keycards

Keycards are available in six different rarities, and the rarity you get is random, but you can increase your odds of receiving a higher-rarity Keycard.

Keycard Rarity
Bronze Common
Silver Relatively Common
Gold Uncommon
Platinum Rare
Polyatomic Very Rare
Orion Incredibly Rare

Revisiting Biometric Scanners in subsequent matches will improve your odds of receiving a top-tier Keycard. Additionally, if a teammate is close by during a scan, it's more likely the Biometric Scanner will output a high-rarity Keycard.

Keycards can be dropped and looted, so if you're disappointed in your Keycard's rarity, you can always eliminate enemy players in search of a better Keycard!

How to use Keycards

A preview of Season 3 of Warzone
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Keycards allow you to access an exclusive menu at Buy Stations. The rarer your Keycard, the wider the selection, and the top-of-the-line Keycards like Polyatomic and Orion enable you to request select equipment for free!

With Season 3 looming, there is still much left unknown regarding Biometric Scanners and Keycards. Check back in when Season 3 launches on April 3, 2024, to learn exactly what's available in the secret Buy Station menu, only accessible with Keycards, and the specific in-game rewards you can earn by using Biometric Scanners.

Season 3 is one of the most content-packed updates ever introduced to Warzone! Visit our Call of Duty homepage at GGRecon for more news and guides on Season 3, like how to get the new weapons, the FJX Horus and MORS, and details on the brand-new training mode: Call of Duty: Warzone Bootcamp.

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