How to get & use Bloodseeker Grenades in Warzone

How to get & use Bloodseeker Grenades in Warzone
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Coleman Hamstead


20th Oct 2023 13:23

Bloodseeker Grenades are a brand-new addition to Warzone, courtesy of The Haunting. This parasite-like Lethal pursues enemies, hooking into them and highlighting them in thermal vision for you and your Warzone allies. This primer details how to get and use Bloodseeker Grenades in the free-to-play battle royale from Activision.

How can you get Bloodseeker Grenades in Warzone?

Bloodseeker Grenades are available exclusively in Warzone during The Haunting. You won't find any Bloodseeker Grenades in MW2 Multiplayer or DMZ, and once The Haunting ends, these limited-time throwables will vanish with it. 

Loot the undead-infested cities of Vondel and Al Mazrah to discover Bloodseeker Grenades. Haunted Boxes, in particular, are known to contain Bloodseeker Grenades. Defeat the Zombies that roam Vondead and Al Mazrah to collect Haunted Boxes and secure some Bloodseeker Grenades.

How to use Bloodseeker Grenades in Warzone

A close-up view of a Bloodseeker Grenade
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Hurling a Bloodseeker Grenade transforms it into a vampire bat, seeking out and latching onto enemies, revealing their position as well as the position of any nearby players. The Bloodseeker Grenade is the ideal tool for revealing opponents hiding in the darkness of Vondead and Al Mazrah.

Bloodseeker Grenades are easy to use, too. There's no need to cook a Bloodseeker Grenade or line up a perfect toss. Simply throw the Bloodseeker Grenade in the general direction of some adversaries, and it will do the rest! If you're the target of a Bloodseeker Grenade, you can escape its clutches by diving underwater.

Send your opponents fleeing in fear with Bloodseeker Grenades, available only in Warzone during The Haunting.

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