How to find & defeat UFO in Warzone DMZ

How to find & defeat UFO in Warzone DMZ
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With the launch of Operation Nightmare in Call of Duty, players can spot a mysterious UFO in the sky right next to the shipwreck. It’s one of the six new bosses in The Haunting event that players can defeat in order to complete the challenge and earn exclusive rewards.

However, finding this UFO in Warzone DMZ is a bit difficult as it has a fixed spawn location on the Al Mazrah map. Therefore, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to finding and defeating the UFO boss in Call of Duty Operation Nightmare.

Where is UFO in Warzone DMZ?

Where to find UFO boss in Warzone DMZ
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To complete one of the first The Haunting challenges in Warzone and DMZ Operation Nightmare event, you need to take down a mysterious UFO that appears on the southeast of Sawah Village on the Al Mazrah map. 

The UFO is hovering near some shipwrecks, and you can easily spot it by looking at the sky. We’ve also marked the UFO’s exact location in the above image for your convenience.

How to defeat UFO in Call of Duty Operation Nightmare

Warzone UFO Boss fight
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The UFO boss fight in Warzone DMZ has three stages. In the first stage, you must shoot a huge blue orb floating over the sea. The boss does not attack you at this stage, so it is very easy to finish it.

Warzone UFO Boss Fight Stage 2
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The second stage of the UFO boss fight is more challenging as the giant blue orb breaks into three smaller orbs that deal massive damage. Therefore, you should hide inside containers or behind walls to avoid losing your health. The orbs also move around the sea, making them harder to hit. So, the best way to deal with them is to use a sniper rifle and shoot them from a distance.

Warzone UFO Boss Fight Stage 3
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In the final stage, you will face the UFO boss, which emits a deadly red laser light to attack the players. It can only target one player at a time, so use this opportunity to blast it with your heavy weapons when it’s distracted by your teammates. If you see the laser pointing at you, hide behind a cover and let your friends deal with it.

How to complete UFO challenge in Warzone

Warzone UFO challenge
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To complete the UFO challenge in Warzone, you need to do more than just destroy the alien spacecraft. After you destroy it, it will drop two relics that you have to collect and bring to the portal that appears on the ship’s deck.

After that, the challenge will be marked as completed, and you will receive a unique calling card for your efforts. On top of that, if you manage to defeat at least five bosses, the game will reward you with the Bloody Mess BAS-P SMG blueprint.

That's all you need to know about defeating UFO in Call of Duty The Haunting event. Before leaving, make sure to check out all the game modes we know are arriving on MW3 release as well as how you can register for the beta.

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