Warzone 2 Interrogation Explained

Warzone 2 Interrogation Explained
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21st Nov 2022 15:24

Warzone 2 brings with it a brand new feature that allows players to Interrogate enemies when they down an opposing player. Interrogation can work well in a player's favour by securing important information that can lead gamers to survive, find better loot in DMZ, and find other players to kill. Becoming an expert Warzone 2 Interrogator will be essential for securing crucial information in tracking down opposing players and equally having the upper hand to win. Here is a breakdown guide of how Interrogations work in Warzone 2.

How Does Interrogation Work In Warzone 2?

When in squad mode in Warzone 2, once you have downed an enemy, you have the option to follow through with your kill as normal. However, you can also Interrogate your downed enemy player.

If you choose to interrogate a downed player, simply get close to the enemy and a prompt will appear to Interrogate them.

After Interrogating the player, you will learn the locations of all the nearby enemies via a minimap showing red dots of their latest location displayed.

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The locations will be displayed similarly to how a Snapshot Grenade interface looks. The surrounding location of allies will be visible for a short duration, giving the player time to see where they are located in order to track them down. As part of the Interrogation, you are able to also find out enemy equipment and weapons. This gives you a head start to prepare yourself when you go in for the kill.

Interrogation mode should happen when you are not in an active gunfire line. Interrogating an enemy player can leave you standing beside them without the capacity to quickly change back to a gun and fire.

The best places to enter Interrogation mode are when in cover, in buildings, or in areas with low footfall and congestion.

Warzone 2: Interrogation Tips

  1. Stay hidden – The interrogation mode can take a few minutes and will leave you idle from protecting yourself from attack
  2. Remember the intel – Pay attention to the intel that is being delivered to you as this will help you win throughout the game
  3. Protect your team – If you or your teammates are interrogating, make sure you protect them from getting killed as the intel is crucial for all teammates
  4. Eliminate after Interrogation – Once you have retained the valuable information that you need, ensure you kill the Interrogated player directly afterwards to make sure enemy teammates don’t revive them

One thing to note when Interrogating is that your position is given away by the downed enemy, so do ensure you kill enemies afterwards to protect your location coordinates.

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