Warzone 2 Black Sites Explained

Warzone 2 Black Sites Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


10th Nov 2022 12:25

Warzone 2 Black Sites are the ultimate in-match challenge where you and your squad will take on masses of armed AI forces in hopes of emerging with loot galore. Compared to Black Sites, the Strongholds available in Warzone 2 are child's play. So, if you want to test your skills and earn top-tier loot, including a permanent Weapon Blueprint, consider investigating a Warzone 2 Black Site.

What Are Warzone 2 Black Sites?

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Warzone 2 Black Sites are more treacherous forms of Warzone 2 Strongholds. Conquering a Black Site will require that you clear out a large number of formidable AI combatants.

Triumphing over a Black Site for the first time will unlock a permanent Weapon Blueprint for use in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. In addition, you'll receive a slew of powerful in-match items for your efforts. Overthrowing a Stronghold earns you a Custom Loadout, so we can only imagine how great the loot hidden within Black Sites is!

Where To Find Black Sites In Warzone 2

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Like Strongholds, Black Sites are clearly marked on the in-game Tac-Map.

How To Access Black Sites In Warzone 2

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For all that Warzone 2's Black Sites offer, it's no surprise that you can't just stroll up and walk inside. To enter a Black Site, you must obtain a Black Site Key.

Black Site Keys are awarded to the first squad to clear a Stronghold. Multiple teams can take on the same Strongholds and grab their Custom Loadouts, but only the first squad to reign victorious will exit with a Black Site Key.

With your hard-earned Black Site Key in hand, make your way to a Black Site for a far more challenging encounter with heaps of valuable plunder on the line.

With so much treasure inside, it's no wonder Black Sites are heavily defended. Come prepared, or a trip to the Gulag may be in your future.

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