Will Warzone 2 Have Rebirth?

Will Warzone 2 Have Rebirth?
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Coleman Hamstead


21st Nov 2022 14:56

Are you a small-map enthusiast wondering if Warzone 2 will include Rebirth Island? In a stunning move, Activision announced that as of the release of Warzone 2, both Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will no longer exist in the original Warzone. To incentivise the community to check out Warzone 2, it seems that Activision has done away with Rebirth. So, that begs the question, will Warzone 2 have Rebirth Island?

What's So Special About Warzone 2 Rebirth?

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Rebirth Island is perhaps the most popular map from the original Warzone. Compared to Verdansk or Caldera, Rebirth Island is far smaller with a focus on close-quarters combat.

A primary reason Rebirth Island is so beloved by the community is its Resurgence modes. In contrast with the traditional Battle Royale modes, Resurgence is non-stop warfare with respawns galore. There is never a dull moment playing Resurgence on Rebirth Island.

Will Warzone 2 Have Rebirth? 

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No, Warzone 2 will not have Rebirth Island — at least not an exact replica. With the transition to Warzone 2, it seems as if Rebirth Island is permanently lost to time.

However, that doesn't mean Warzone 2 won't feature small maps of its own! In fact, Activision claims in a recent blog post that fans of small Battle Royale maps should "expect exciting developments in Warzone 2.0 during future seasons."

So, if you prefer the frantic, fast-paced action of Warzone's Resurgence modes as opposed to the regular, large-scale Battle Royale, you may still be in luck! Just because Warzone 2 likely will not bring back Rebirth Island doesn't mean that Activision cannot replicate the experience on brand-new small maps.

While we're stuck with Al Mazrah for now, leaks indicate that a Warzone 2 Resurgence map similar to Rebirth Island will go live midway through 2023.

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