Best Warzone 2 Season 3 one-shot sniper loadout: Weapon, attachment & perks

Best Warzone 2 Season 3 one-shot sniper loadout: Weapon, attachment & perks
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12th Apr 2023 23:55

Thanks to more lethal sniper rifles in Warzone 2 Season 3, it's once again possible to create a one-shot sniper loadout in Warzone 2. Sniping has always been a popular combat playstyle in Warzone, so many in the community were disappointed to find that snipers couldn't one-hit down opponents in Warzone 2 - at least until the game's latest update.

So, if you want to get in on the reemergence of One-Hit-Down Snipers, go ahead and create a Class with the best Warzone 2 one-shot sniper loadout.

How to make Sniper Rifles one-shot kill in Warzone 2

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For a brief time during Season 2, One-Hit-Down Snipers were a thing. However, the developers deemed them too powerful and proceeded to make it impossible to down enemies in one shot, no matter which Sniper Rifle you were using or what attachments you had equipped.

Then, the Saint Patrick's Day Event came around, and the community fell in love with the Warzone 2 Shillelagh Sniper. This limited-time Victus XMR Blueprint was able to one-shot down foes anywhere to the body.

While the Shillelagh Sniper was undoubtedly overpowered, it seems that the positive reception around it was enough for the developers to give Warzone 2 one-shot snipers another chance.

Starting in Season 3, Bolt-action snipers equipped with Explosive Ammunition will be able to down enemies with one well-placed shot to the head — even if they have full health and three Armour Plates.

To make your Sniper Rifle one-shot enemies in Warzone 2, you have to use the MCPR-300, the Victus XMR, or the brand-new MW2 and Warzone 2 FJX Imperium Intervention. Equip these bolt-action Snipers with Explosive Ammunition and aim for the head, and you'll find your opponents falling to a single shot.

Best Warzone 2 one-shot sniper loadout in Season 3

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The best one-shot sniper loadout in Warzone 2 Season 3 uses the FJX Imperium with the following attachments:

  • Nilsound 90 Muzzle
  • Ceros 29″ Barrel
  • VLK LZR 7MW Laser
  • .408 Explosive Ammunition
  • FJX Blast Bolt

Obviously, the most critical piece of this loadout is the .408 Explosive Ammunition. Without it, you can't one-shot kill enemies in Warzone 2.

Unfortunately, Explosive Ammunition puts a dent in your gun's Bullet Velocity, making it a lot more difficult to accurately hit targets at a distance. To counteract this, we suggest equipping the Nilsound 90 Muzzle and Ceros 29″ Barrel. These two attachments will buff your Bullet Velocity back up to normal levels.

The downside of tacking the Nilsound 90 Muzzle and Ceros 29″ Barrel on the FJX Imperium is that it can make it feel slow and sluggish. You can fix this by adding the VLK LZR 7MW Laser, which offers boosts to Aim Down Sight Speed, Aiming Stability, and Sprint to Fire Speed.

Last but not least, round out the best Warzone 2 one-shot sniper loadout with the FJX Blast Bolt. This attachment will increase rechambering speeds and allow you to fire off follow-up shots faster.

Pairing the FJX Imperium with these five attachments will create a beast of a Sniper Rifle that can wipe enemies out in a single shot. Create a Class, secure a Warzone 2 Loadout Drop Grenade, and see for yourself what this one-shot sniper loadout is capable of!

Looking for an MW2 loadout for the new Intervention-style sniper rifle? We've got you covered.

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