How To Buy Loadouts With Loadout Drop Grenades In Warzone 2

How To Buy Loadouts With Loadout Drop Grenades In Warzone 2
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Coleman Hamstead


26th Dec 2022 13:49

Thanks to the brand-new Loadout Drop Grenades, you can finally buy Loadouts in Warzone 2. Purchasing Custom Loadouts has always been a pivotal part of Warzone, and now it's back in Warzone 2. With that, let's review how to buy Loadouts with Loadout Drop Grenades in Warzone 2.

How To Buy Loadouts In Warzone 2

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Right now, the only way to buy Custom Loadouts in Warzone 2 is by purchasing a Loadout Drop Grenade. While you can get your Custom Loadout by clearing Warzone 2 Strongholds and in World Loadout Drops, it wasn't until recently that you could use Cash to buy anything but a Custom Loadout Weapon at a Buy Station. Loadout Drop Grenades offer the whole shebang — Custom Weapons, Perks, and Equipment.

How To Get Loadout Drop Grenades In Warzone 2

Loadout Drop Grenades are available at all Buy Stations across Al Mazrah. However, acquiring your Custom Loadout in this way comes at a steep price.

The cost of a Loadout Drop Grenade varies based on which playlist you're playing. For the time being, Loadout Drop Grenade pricing is as follows:

  • Solos: $8,000
  • Duos: $16,000
  • Trios: $24,000
  • Quads: $32,000

These prices are a significant increase compared to what it costs to get a Loadout Drop in the original Warzone. In Warzone Caldera, it costs $10,000 max!

Raven Software relayed via Twitter that the future of Loadout Drop Grenades in Warzone 2 depends on feedback and its overall impact on the Battle Royale experience. So, it seems there is definitely room for Raven Software to make adjustments to Loadout Drop Grenade prices and other aspects of Loadout Drop Grenades should they see fit.

With that, you're ready to bring your Custom Loadout into Warzone 2 with you, thanks to the long-overdue Loadout Drop Grenade.

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