TUNIC Tips: 10 Ways To Conquer The World As The Little Fox

TUNIC Tips: 10 Ways To Conquer The World As The Little Fox
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These TUNIC tips will help guide you through this game's mysterious world and tough combat. TUNIC feels like a classic action-adventure game that's full of areas to explore and items to collect, and the Souls-like elements throw in a little extra difficulty too. So, if you need to know some TUNIC tips before jumping in to guide the little fox on a big adventure, we've got you covered.

TUNIC Tips: Explore Behind Everything

TUNIC Tips explore
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This may seem somewhat obvious, but exploring all you can in TUNIC will reward you with new items, currency, collectibles, and even hidden shortcuts. Most of the things you find will be inside of chests, so always be on the lookout for the gold outline, which sometimes even pops out just behind objects.

TUNIC's camera angle also takes advantage of this, obscuring hidden paths and chests behind the scenery. So when you see the blue highlight of your character, you may happen upon something.

TUNIC Tips: Use The In-Game Instruction Manual

TUNIC Tips manual
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TUNIC is purposefully designed in a similar vein to classic games like Zelda, which often utilised the physical manual as a guide and tutorial for players. While not physical in TUNIC, instruction manual pages can be collected along your journey, hinting at where you need to go and providing clues about your objectives.

Some are more hidden than others, and not all of them are important, but many of the first pages you will happen upon are key to explaining the game and giving you direction. 

TUNIC Tips: Take Advantage Of Your Death Pickup

TUNIC Tips death pickup
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TUNIC borrows a small element from Souls games, in that your main currency used to level up is dropped upon death, and you have one chance to claim it back. Now you don't drop all your currency on death which is quite lenient, and interacting with your death pickup can be very powerful.

When you pick up your lost currency, it will cause a small AoE explosion in the area that damages and pushes back enemies. You can take advantage of this to slay the enemies who just killed you, and it comes very handy in boss fights too, so sometimes dying tactically is an option. 

TUNIC Tips: Don't Get Greedy In Combat

TUNIC Tips combat
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To begin with, combat in this game is pretty slow-paced, and you need to learn the flow of combat to not get swarmed and killed. Taking on as few enemies as you can is key, so try to kite them and attract enemies away from other enemies when you are able, especially with ranged weapons.

You also don't want to spam your attacks, and being patient about when to strike, when to block, and when to dodge, is key. Usually, getting in your three-hit combo and dodging away is a good tactic, but don't let your stamina get too low. 

The TUNIC bosses can be difficult to deal with, but we have walkthroughs for each one:


TUNIC Tips: Collect Coins For Wells

TUNIC Tips coin
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There are a couple of collectible items in TUNIC, and they all have practical uses that make them worth looking out for. One of these is the coins, which can be found in various chests across the areas in-game. It's not obvious what these do for quite a while, but you can use them to gain extra passives.

If you find a well in-game, equip your coin next to it and use the item to throw it in the well. Three of these will award you with an extra spot to equip a passive, which are gained from equipping these square cards that are also littered around chests in the game. One of these cards is also vital to an area later into the game, so having more space to equip passives is huge. 

  • For a breakdown of where to locate all these coins, check out our TUNIC Gold Coins guide. 

TUNIC Tips: Run Past Enemies When You Need To

Tunic Tips run
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Don't always feel compelled to kill all the enemies you come across. If you keep dying along a tricky route, you can usually just zip past and arrive at the next respawn point for safety.

You can always go back if you need to kill them for currency, but enemies are revived when you interact with respawn points anyway, so places like the Overworld are safer if you need to farm. Sometimes if you fail a boss you may need to run past enemies you’ve previously defeated, which can save on mana and HP pots. 

TUNIC Tips: Lookout For Secret Shops 

tunic tips shop
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Hidden across the various areas of the game are secret shops, where you can buy items, upgrades, and collectibles.

These are tended to by a giant skeleton who looks scary, but their biggest threat is just price gouging you. You can get a vital extra HP pot in the early game from one of these shops, and they are also marked on the map by a black shadow with two eyes in the middle. 

TUNIC Tips: Get the Magic Wand 

TUNIC Tips magic wand
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After your first couple hours of gameplay, once you have rung both of the bells, you can collect a wand-like weapon from the top of the Overworld map, which is excellent against flying enemies.

You'll be able to access it once you go through the golden vault doors and end up on the cliff, but is a missable weapon if you don't look for it. It uses mana and has 16 shots by default, so you can take out an entire group of the flying drones quite easily. 

TUNIC Tips: Seek Out Broken Shards

TUNIC Tips broken shards
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Another very useful collectible to try and find in the game are broken shards. You can see their symbol in the top of your inventory very early on, but it's never explained what they do unless you collect three of them.

Upon finding a third, they will all join together and reward you with an extra TUNIC HP Pot, which is vital for the later game areas that are tough. There are a total of three of these across the game. 

If you need help locating each of the gems, check out:

TUNIC Tips: Collect The Gems In Red, Green, Blue Order

TUNIC Tips gems
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After you've rung both bells and ventured into the golden vault, your objective changes to seeking out three gems that are housed in three separate areas across the world.

You can collect these in any order, but there is a set route it seems the developer intended, and it makes things a lot easier by following this. This will also ensure you have the Magic Orb item before venturing toward the third gem, which makes things a lot simpler. 

That's all for our TUNIC tips, so now you should be ready to explore the mysterious world in front of you.

There's also a secret room in the game that allows you to customise your little fox, so check out how to change outfits in TUNIC.


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