Where to find all the HP Pots in TUNIC

Where to find all the HP Pots in TUNIC
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The TUNIC HP Pots are one of your most important resources, allowing you to regenerate health after taking damage to carry on your adventure. TUNIC has a few ways of receiving HP Pots across its many areas, and collecting all of them will make the boss fights along the way significantly easier. So, if you want to know how to track down every TUNIC HP Pot, we've got you covered. 

What are HP Pots and where can you find them?

HP Pots simply allow you to regenerate your health when you consume them, letting you carry on in a fight or giving you the health boost you need to reach that next respawn point. You'll start the game with zero, but as you carry on your adventure, you'll greatly increase the amount you carry with you. The potency of your HP Pots can also be increased by collecting certain items and sacrificing them at respawn points, so make sure to upgrade them as your health increases.

There are a few ways to get HP Pots in the game. The primary way you will find them is by exploring and acquiring them through chests. Some can also be bought from the secret shops across the land, and additionally, you can find glass shards in chests. Getting three of these shards will allow you to form a new HP Pot, so these are also worth keeping an eye out for. Below we will break down how to get every possible HP Pot in the game.

HP Pots 1

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After arriving in the East Forest area shortly into the game, you'll activate a respawn point after climbing down a broken ladder. Walk outside and down the stairs, then follow the path until you see a doorway on your left, leading into Guardhouse One.

Defeat the enemies inside, climb the ladder, and follow the walkway outside. You'll have to defeat two more enemies, and then you can access the chest at the end of the path which contains the first HP Pot.

Glass Shard 1

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shard 1
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After discovering the first HP Pot, you'll quickly come across one of the Glass Shards. Go back outside of Guardhouse One on the ground floor, and carry on forward until you come to a respawn point. Just round the corner from there, is a ladder leading up to two enemies and a chest.

Ignore them and climb another ladder that takes you toward a locked gate. You can climb two more ladders to open this gate, and then enter, which will bring you onto the second floor of Guardhouse One. There will be a lever you can activate to unlock a shortcut, and next to it is the chest with the first Glass Shard.

HP Pots 2

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From where you gain the first Glass Shard, go through the doorway where you come across the TUNIC Guard Captain boss. You can either defeat him or just open the door behind him, but regardless, once you enter the next room, you can find another HP Pot inside a chest.

Glass Shard 2

TUNIC HP Pots GLass Shard 2
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Once you arrive back in the Overworld, head to the respawn point in front of the golden vault doors. If you turn around from there, head down the first staircase, and then down the left staircase, there will be a path by the side of the stairs. It's blocked by a bush which you can cut with your sword, and the second Glass Shard will be ahead in the chest next to the wooden plank.

HP Pots 3

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The next HP Pot you'll be able to get can be found the first time you enter into one of the secret shops hidden around the world. The first one you will likely discover is in the windmill, which just overlooks the town at the center of the Overworld map.

From the respawn point in the Overworld, walk left across the wooden bridge and carry on until you hit the windmill. Walk inside, and enter through the doorway at the back. It will bring you into a dark room, walk forward and a giant skeleton will appear and present you its wares. One of these should be an HP Pot which you can buy for 300 currency.

Glass Shard 3

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shard 3
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Carry on playing until you get to the part where you need to explore the Dark Tomb in the Overworld. After making your way inside, and moving the tomb, so you can descend even further, turn to the left, and you should come into a room with a bunch of spike traps on the floor. Behind a staircase in the top right of this room, you can find a chest with the third Glass Shard which will form an HP Pot.

HP Pots 4

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Eventually, you should arrive at an area called the West Garden. Follow the path through here until you come to the first respawn point. On the left of this should be a well. If you walk past it and follow the grass it should take you into another secret shop, and refresh all the wares inside.

Here you can purchase a second HP Pot, but it costs 1000 currency, meaning you will likely have to wait until later into the game until you have enough. However, you can just farm enemies until you reach the required funds.

  • You can also earn a TUNIC Gold Coin from this store, worth collecting for more passives. 

Glass Shard 4

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shards 4
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Once you get to the part of the game where you need to collect the three gems, one of the locations you will visit is the Ruined Atoll. At one point while completing the objective here - by activating the four pillars - you will pick up a key that is used to open a door. After opening the dorm, climb the ladder ahead, and you will find the fourth Glass Shard in a chest on a wall. 

Glass Shard 5

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shard 5
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During your visit to the Ruined Atoll, you will need to travel underground to a place called the Frog's Domain. At the end of this dungeon is an item called the Magic Orb which can be used as a grappling hook to access new areas.

After acquiring this, head back into the room with the respawn point in the Frog's Domain, and run through the wide doorway on the left side past the bathing frogs. Once in the hallway, turn right, and you will come into a room where you can grapple up to a hook and enter into a room with a chest where the fifth Glass Shard is located. 

Glass Shard 6

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shard 6
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After you've claimed the TUNIC Green Gem in the Ruined Atoll, and travel back to the Overworld, you can use the Magic Orb to access some new places. From the respawn point in the Overworld, there will be a ladder on your right which should have been opened from a previous shortcut.

Head up the ladder, and you should come across a grapple point on a column in the middle of the water. Grapple to this and cross the wooden plank to open the chest with the sixth Glass Shard. If you've been following along so far, this should give you an extra HP Pot. 

Glass Shard 7

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shards 7
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Later on in your journey, you will come to an area called the Quarry to collect the TUNIC Blue Gem. At one point in this area, you'll descend a series of staircases next to a waterfall before coming across a broken-down train carriage.

On the left side of this area, there is a broken wall just next to the waterfall, and walking behind it will let you open a chest to receive Glass Shard number seven.

Glass Shard 8

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shards 8
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Keep descending further into the Quarry from the last Glass Shard, and eventually, you will come to a train track. Turn around from here, and head up the stone ramp to the left to bring you to a shooting range with some enemies and a chest that has a shotgun.

Behind the shooting targets are a series of boxes that blocks a secret path. Destroy the boxes and follow the path, which will take you behind the environment and into some fog. You may have to wander around a little, but hidden in the fog is a chest with the eighth Glass Shard of the game.

HP Pots 5

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After you're at the end of the Quarry, you will enter through a set of golden vault doors into a Ziggurat. Make your way through this until you arrive at the level which is surrounded by a pink liquid. Eventually, you will come to a part where you have to go down a walkway, while there are two turrets on either side.

You can access the platform with the two turrets on your right by walking toward it, and if you destroy both turrets, you can open the chest with an HP Pot inside.

Glass Shard 9

TUNIC HP Pots Glass Shard 9
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After getting all the gems and changing the world state, you will have to venture to a place called the Old Burying Ground. In the middle of this area, you can find a pillar that needs activating by holding A next to it.

If you walk on past it and veer to the left, you should see some pink-outlined birds perched on some ruins above you. On the ground level directly below is a chest next to a dead tree which has the final Glass Shard, letting you form another HP Pot. 

That's our rundown of where to find all the TUNIC HP Pots in the game, and now you should have plenty of health regeneration for the final boss fight.

Take a look at our TUNIC The Heir Boss guide to learn how to deal with the final enemy of the game.

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