How To Beat The TUNIC Siege Engine Boss

How To Beat The TUNIC Siege Engine Boss
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16th Mar 2022 17:00

The TUNIC Siege Engine boss is one of the largest and most powerful bosses in the game, dwarfing the player completely with just its head alone. As you progress through TUNIC, the bosses get harder and more complicated, with more attacks they can launch your way that deal more damage. So, if you need to know how to beat the TUNIC Siege Engine boss, read on.

How To Beat The TUNIC Siege Engine Boss: The Fight

TUNIC Siege Engine Boss
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Unlike the TUNIC Garden Knight boss, there is no key item players need to acquire before taking on the Siege Engine. Stocking up on hot peppers, healing items, and making sure you have the Magic Dagger are all different ways that you can make the fight a lot simpler to tackle though. 

The TUNIC Siege Engine boss has four main attacks which can all be devastating, along with a move that summons two floating bot enemies. It switches between melee and ranged attacks too, so watch out for when you can get in close and when you need to fall back. 

The first attack is a sort of laser machine gun that fires directly from the Siege Engine's head. It's best to run away and hide behind one of the stone pillars in the arena during this attack, but beware that it will slowly move forward to close the distance, and can even knock over the pillars when too close. Its other ranged attack is a giant laser beam. The boss will move its head from one side to the other during this attack, making the beam cover most of the arena, so it's best to just avoid it entirely behind a pillar. 

The Siege Engine's key melee attack is a large swipe, where it dashes forward and swing its arm across the arena. This move is telegraphed well, and the boss will bring its arm up as to wind up the attack, before launching forward. You can dodge this attack if you time it well, and because the move causes the Siege Engine to turn around, it partially exposes its weak spot which is behind. If you're able to time your dodge right and get behind, you can get a combo attack on this weak spot for high damage. 


One of the more powerful attacks from the Siege Engine is its homing grenades. The boss will arc its head in the air and fire out three grenades that try to move toward the player and cause huge damage. This move is also one of the Siege Engine's biggest weaknesses. When it lifts its head to launch the grenades, it exposes its weak spot underneath, and you can get in a few hits. You can also lure the homing grenades back toward the boss, causing them to damage it instead of you. 

One more melee attack that it performs only happens when you get right in the boss's face, and it will slam down an arm on top of you. However, this move is easy to dodge and is one of the reasons the best strategy is to take on the Siege Engine head-on. 

The boss is made a lot easier if you just continue to run up to its head and get your combo attacks in. It should try to move away from you, but just close the distance again, and you'll avoid the ranged attacks. It will occasionally use the beam attack, but you can dodge underneath the Siege Engine and attack the weak spot during this. Using your Magic Dagger to freeze it and get more free damage in after a combo is also imperative to bursting down this boss quickly. Afterwards, you'll be able to collect the TUNIC Red Gem.

That's all for our primer on how to beat the TUNIC Siege Engine boss, and now you know how to avoid its dangerous attacks and burst it down. 

After dealing with the Siege Engine, you should be on your way to finding the TUNIC Green Gem, check out our guide if you are struggling.


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