TUNIC Red Gem Location: Where To Find The Red Gem

TUNIC Red Gem Location: Where To Find The Red Gem
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16th Mar 2022 17:30

The TUNIC Red Gem is a story item that is vital to the completion of the game, but it's not too straightforward in terms of how you are supposed to actually acquire it. It'll likely be the first of the three gems players will find in TUNIC, although you can get these in whatever order you wish. So, if you need a walkthrough for how to acquire the TUNIC Red Gem, you're in the right place.

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TUNIC Red Gem: Where Is It?

TUNIC Red Gem location
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Page six of the TUNIC Instruction Manual informs players about the locations of all the gems, claiming the Red Gem is "coveted in a forest temple." This clue should be enough for many players to set off and find the item, but it's still not precise on where you have to go.

You will have to venture toward the Fortress of the Eastern Vault, which is located on the right side of the Overworld map, above the path to the Eastern Forest - which is highlighted on the map above. 

TUNIC Red Gem: How To Get It?

TUNIC Red Gem Eastern Fortress
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Once in the Fortress of the Eastern Vault, you will have to travel through the area, activating a series of pillars to provide power to the golden vault doors which leads to the gem. The first one will be right in front of you upon entering the area, and you can use the Magic Orb to grapple over - if you've acquired it from the Frog's Domain - or find a secret path behind the stairs to your right. 

Follow the pink path after activating the first pillar by holding the A button, and it will lead you to a second, next to a ladder. To access the fortress proper, you need to descend the ladder and go through the spider cave.


It will eventually bring you onto a balcony overlooking another pillar you can interact with once you've killed the nearby enemies. After this, make sure to activate the respawn point in the next room by following the pink path. 

If you carry on walking east, you'll get to a room with a broken respawn point. Climb those stairs, head east again, and follow the path until you end up outside, in the front of the fortress. On top of here, you can activate another pillar and open the drawbridge. Head back the way you came, and head into the big room between the working and broken spawn point. You can go through the southern door which will bring you outside, to activate another pillar.

From here you can go back into the fortress itself, and walk up the big stairs toward the golden vault doors. Take out the enemies defending this and activate the pillars on either side of the door to gain entry. You'll follow a path and be taken to the TUNIC Siege Engine boss, who holds the key to unlocking the Red Gem. Once defeated, pick up the key, and head downstairs to interact with a hole, rewarding you with the gem.

TUNIC Red Gem key
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You can hold onto it, or take it to the golden vault in the Overworld to place it into its pedestal, but regardless, you should have one of three gems down. 

That's our walkthrough of how to collect the TUNIC Red Gem in the Fortress of the Eastern Vault, and now you know where to go and how to earn it.

Be on the lookout for the collectibles pages for extra in-game hints, which we cover in TUNIC Instruction Manual Pages Locations.


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