How To Beat The TUNIC Guard Captain Boss

How To Beat The TUNIC Guard Captain Boss
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The TUNIC Guard Captain boss will be the first major fight that players come across in the game, and it can make for a tough battle if you approach it incorrectly. TUNIC has some Souls-like design elements, and the boss battles can be very tough because of this, meaning you'll have to take part in some trial and error. So if you need a walkthrough of how to beat the TUNIC Guard Captain boss, we've got you covered. 

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How To Beat The TUNIC Guard Captain Boss: Getting The Sword

TUNIC Guard Captain Boss sword
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The TUNIC Guard Captain is the first boss that players will encounter, and he can be found in the East Forest area inside of Guardhouse One. He's the first real wall to progress that players will run into, and it's even possible to stumble upon him slightly early, while underequipped. If you come across the fight and still only possess the first weapon - the stick - it's better to just turn around and leave the combat area. It's possible to defeat him with this, but you will just handicap yourself unnecessarily.  

To have a better chance in the Guard Captain fight, you will first need to acquire the sword from the Hero's Grave. If you walk east from the nearby save point, and follow the sign, you will come across a gate that can be opened by climbing the stairs to the left, and following the path until you climb down the ladder. Once inside the grave, aggro the sword enemy, so they destroy the bushes blocking your way to the sword, and then you can pick it up. Once you have the sword, you can make your way back to the Guard Captain for the showdown.


How To Beat The TUNIC Guard Captain Boss: The Fight

TUNIC Guard Captain Boss
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In the combat arena with the Guard Captain is a smaller enemy with a sword. Before taking on the Captain himself, kite the smaller enemy around the broken pillars on either side of the arena, and you can dispatch them in four hits. Once you've done this, you'll be in a solo battle with the boss and can focus on dodging his attacks. 

The Guard Captain has two attacks to watch out for - a standard sword slash, and a lunge. Both are telegraphed well enough to dodge; the Captain will hold his sword out to the side before slashing, and pull his sword back before triggering the lunge. The fairly standard strategy for beating this boss involves dodging the attacks at the right time, getting a single hit in, and repeating. You can also use the pillars to your advantage when he lunges to get behind him. Overall, he's a simple boss, but stumbling upon him early can make it a difficult time.

That's our walkthrough of how to beat the TUNIC Guard Captain boss, and now you should know where to find the sword and easily win the battle.

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