How to find the Blue Gem in TUNIC

How to find the Blue Gem in TUNIC
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10th Mar 2022 15:21

Getting the TUNIC Blue Gem is a lot more difficult than the other gems, but once it's over you'll be even closer to the end-game. Getting the three gems in TUNIC is your primary objective after finishing the beginning and ringing the two bells, and the Blue Gem will really test your skills. For a walkthrough of how to get the TUNIC Blue Gem, we've got you covered. 

Where is the Blue Gem in TUNIC?

TUNIC Blue Gem location
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The Blue Gem is likely the last one you will attempt to find, and consequently, the path to it is the hardest. The in-game manual says it's "sealed at the root of the world," which can be accessed by first journeying to the Quarry area, and then into the Ziggurat below ground. The route to the Quarry is highlighted above. 

How can you get the Blue Gem in TUNIC?

TUNIC Blue Gem tracks
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The Quarry area can be accessed from the top left of the Overworld map. There will be a gate blocking the main route, but with the Magic Orb - which you should have acquired at the Ruined Atoll - you can grapple to a lower section and climb up on the other side of the gate. From there it's a linear path forward until you come to a pillar across a gap that needs to be activated by holding A next to it. 

From there follow the pink path that has been created before coming onto another pillar you need to activate. Continue forward until you get to a respawn point, and then interact with it. On the path forward, there is a broken pillar, and standing near it will drain your HP and lower its maximum. The entire Quarry area is full of places where your health can drain like this, so be on the lookout for them. You can also stay immune to it by equipping the card that grants you a mask like the scavenger enemies.

Continue following the path and unlocking the shortcuts that come up, until you get to the train tracks near the bottom of the Quarry. Before venturing down them, turn around and acquire the shotgun from a ramp to the left, which is vital for the upcoming TUNIC Scavenger Boss fight. From here, follow the tracks and take the ladders down until you can follow another set of tracks, which lead to a pink path. Shadowing that path will you take through a set of golden vault doors and down an elevator into the Ziggurat. 

This area is also difficult, but linear, and along the way, you will have to activate a pillar before ending up a long walkway that leads to a dead respawn point. Activate the pillar behind to unlock it, which also powers the door behind and gives you access to a teleporter. Following the path further ahead will take you to the Scavenger Boss, and killing him will allow you to grab the Blue Gem from the back of the combat arena. 

TUNIC Blue Gem
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If you somehow managed to earn this gem first, check out how to find the rest:

If you have all three gems after this, you can put them all into their respective pedestals in the golden vault in the Overworld. 

That's our walkthrough of how to get the TUNIC Blue Gem, and you should be able to collect it after defeating the Scavenger Boss.

For a primer on how to defeat the TUNIC The Heir, who comes next, we've got you covered. 

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