How to find the Green Gem in TUNIC

How to find the Green Gem in TUNIC
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The TUNIC Green Gem can be a bit of a head-scratcher to find, but in terms of difficulty, it's the easiest of the three gems that need to be collected. In TUNIC, the three gems become your main goal during the mid-game period, and collecting them all is an arduous task. So here's our primer on how to locate the library in the sky and the TUNIC Green Gem within it.

Where is the Green Gem in TUNIC?

TUNIC Green Gem ruined atoll
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On TUNIC's in-game instruction manual, the Green Gem is said to have been "stolen to the top of the sky." There is no obvious solution to where you'll find a way to reach the top of the sky, but the answer lies in the Ruined Atoll.

After powering a teleporter in the area, it will allow you to access the Great Library, which is floating above the atoll itself. The Green Gem lies inside here, but how do you acquire it?

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How can you get the Green Gem in TUNIC?

TUNIC Green Gem magic orb
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Before you can access the teleporter, you will need to find an item called the Magic Orb from the Frog's Domain, which is in the top right of the Ruined Atoll map. You can find a beach path there between the large rock cliffs, and traveling through it will flip the camera around to reveal a ladder.

Taking it up will let you get the drop on a frog enemy, and take a ladder down to the area. It's a fairly straightforward dungeon to go through, and on page 36 of the instruction manual, you are provided a map that leads you to the vault housing the Magic Orb. 

With the Magic Orb, you now have access to a grappling item you can use to access new areas or even pull enemies toward you. It costs mana to use on a foe, but it's free for traversal and is the key to being able to complete the objective at the Ruined Atoll. Once you climb all the way up to the surface again, you can use the new hook to access the nearby pillar and activate it by holding A next to it. On the map, this is the second pillar. 

From there you can work your way round to activate the fourth, third, and first pillars in each corner, by following the pink path that is created by the energy being connected. Only the last pillar actually requires the Magic Orb, so you can do the first three before collecting it if you wish. 

The next part is where the confusion surrounding this gem arises, as it's not clear what activating all the four pillars has done. However, traveling to the center of the Ruined Atoll will reveal the energy has all been connected to the statue, which can be activated by holding A next to it. This will cause it to rise up from the ground and cause a burst of light below. If you move underneath the statue when the light hits you will be teleported to the Great Library in the sky.

TUNIC Green Gem teleporter
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There are no enemies to fight inside, and the path to the very top is fairly straightforward. Climb the first ladder to get inside, before venturing up the staircase past the Hero's Grave. You'll get to another ladder which takes you into a circular room, where you can climb another ladder to the library itself. At the very end of this room is a pillar you can activate that allows you to teleport out of this location, along with a respawn point you should interact with before going up the big ladder. 

Once you go up the ladder, it will take you to the roof of the Great Library where you have to defeat the TUNIC The Librarian boss. It can be a difficult fight, but our guide in the previous link will teach you the best strategy for defeating them. Once beaten, The Librarian will drop the Green Gem.

TUNIC Green Gem
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You can teleport out of the Great Library in the room below, and place the Green Gem in the pedestal which is accessed in the golden vault in the Overworld. 

That's our walkthrough for how to find the Green Gem in TUNIC, and now you should be able to complete the Ruined Atoll area and defeat The Librarian boss for your reward.

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