How tall is Luke in Street Fighter 6?

How tall is Luke in Street Fighter 6?
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2nd Jun 2023 16:53

With a whole roster of characters to choose from in Street Fighter 6, you’re going to need to get to know them inside-out if you’re going to be playing them.

With Luke featured so prominently, you’re probably curious about some of his more personal characteristics… including his height.

Here, we’ll be going over who exactly Luke is in the game, and just how tall he is compared to other characters.

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Who is Luke in Street Fighter 6?

Key art of Luke as he appears in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

Luke is the new poster boy for Street Fighter 6, replacing Ryu on the box itself and featuring in a lot of the promotional material for the game.

After first being introduced in Street Fighter 5, he has come a long way to becoming the latest game’s mascot. He has had a lot of growing up to do between games, going from arrogant outbursts to a self-assured fighter in a matter of years.

Luke is also one of the first Masters you will meet in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode and will act as your mentor and guide in the early stages of the campaign.

How tall is Luke in Street Fighter 6?

According to Street Fighter 6’s official site, Luke is an enviable 6'1. So, while he is not as tall as characters like Blanka at 6'5, he towers over others Like Cammy and Juri.

He is also taller than the series’ previous protagonist, (and fighting-game icon) Ryu, who stands at a pretty standard 5'9. Maybe that’s why Luke become the new mascot for the latest entry…

That’s everything you need to know about Luke’s height in Street Fighter 6. If you’re looking for more Street Fighter characters to get clued up on, why not check out our guide for Ken as well?

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