Street Fighter 6 Drive Parry explained: How to perform the perfect parry

Street Fighter 6 Drive Parry explained: How to perform the perfect parry
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Jack Roberts


4th Jun 2023 12:03

In Street Fighter 6, you’re going to need to learn an assortment of different mechanics if you’re ever going to become a master fighter. One of the best moves to add to your repertoire is the Drive Parry, so you’re going to need to know how to use it.

Here, we’ll be going through what exactly the Drive Parry is in the game and how you can perform it to catch your opponents off guard.

What is the Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6?

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive Parry is effectively a dynamic counter you can use during your opponent’s attack to block significant damage coming your way. It’s also a returning mechanic from Street Fighter 3.

However, unlike Street Fighter 3, the Drive Parry of Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have to be so precise, so whether you’re a new or veteran player, you’ll soon be able to pull off the perfect parry.

Unlike Wall Jumping, the Drive Parry can be used by every character in the game, from Chun-Li to JP, and even your custom avatar.

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How to perform the Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6

Image shows Kimberly using her kick on Guile, who is attempting to block it in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

To perform your perfect parry in Street Fighter 6, you simply need to press the Medium Punch (MP) and Medium Kick (MK) buttons at the same time as an opponent is about to make contact.

The Drive Parry can block the majority of attacks, including Special Moves, Super Arts and Unique Attacks that each character possesses.

However, it cannot counter grabs or throw attacks. So, if you’re going up against a throwing specialist like Manon or E. Honda, you may have some trouble

And that’s everything you need to know about performing the Drive Parry. Now that you have perfected your parry in Street Fighter 6, why not learn how to taunt your opponent to show them who’s boss? For more on Street Fighter 6, keep checking back with GGRecon!

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