Street Fighter 6 character recipes: Codes for Ganondorf, Kratos & more

Street Fighter 6 character recipes: Codes for Ganondorf, Kratos & more
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20th Jun 2023 15:05


You'll want to know the best Street Fighter 6 character recipes, along with how to use them in-game, as it offers players a chance to try out custom-made characters they may not have been able to create from scratch. 

Street Fighter 6 brings back the iconic fighting game franchise more than ever, with the largest addition being the new World Tour mode, where players can use a custom character and learn from the legendary fighters themselves.

If you want to make the most of this mode by using a unique character, check out our list of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipes, where you can bring some of the most recognisable faces into the game. From The Legend of Zelda's Ganondorf to God of War's Kratos.

What are character recipes in Street Fighter 6?

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In Street Fighter 6, character recipes are unique codes that players can share to allow others to easily use the same template on their avatar

This means someone who doesn't want to spend time creating a character can just find a code online for a character they like and use that instead. 

Once you have a Street Fighter 6 character recipe, it's a simple process to use it. Just follow the below steps:

  • Head to the avatar creator when beginning World Tour, or at the Beauty Salon in World Tour. 
  • Select the 'Recipe' tab (the final one) in the menu at the top. 
  • Click 'Download Recipe' and enter a character recipe code into the text box.
  • Select the tick icon to confirm.

If the process worked, you'll be able to save and use the character recipe you downloaded on your avatar in World Tour. 

Best Street Fighter 6 character recipe passwords

As with any character creator, people will very quickly find a way to create the strangest-looking avatars, along with characters from other media that they like. From horror films to other video games, the Street Fighter 6 avatar recipes will help you introduce any character into the game.

We've found a selection of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipe codes out there, which we'll run through below. 

Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy Modern
by u/ADingo__ in SF6Avatars

Password: KLAPA6HMN

Goro Majima

Goro Majima (Yakuza Series) [JCTWNUL5R]
by u/Keaton_x in SF6Avatars

Password: JCTWNUL5R 


My take on Hellboy (LAMEVBRQ3)
by u/RightLeftStart in SF6Avatars

Password: LAMEVBRQ3

Michael Myers

Michael Myers [HN3SJFBLF]
by u/Byytet in SF6Avatars


Password: HN3SJFBLF

The Dude

That's just like, your opinion, man
by u/BLACKOUT-MK2 in SF6Avatars

Password: FVGDUTAC8


An attempt at Ganondorf
by u/picturetakingaccount in SF6Avatars

Password: NLD3L8XMP, 4AXB78LXQ


My attempt at God of War Kratos (2018)
by u/StorminNormin66 in SF6Avatars


Password: U9KS49VAG


Kingpin (Fixed) : YSL7FD6WR
by u/dynamo219 in SF6Avatars


Password: YSL7FD6WR

Danny Devito

Danny Devito / Frank Reynolds
by u/Comprehensive-Bid164 in SF6Avatars

Password: WKX3CNY84


by u/Papi-Super in SF6Avatars


Password: 5AX86QQYH

We suggest using r/SF6Avatars if you want to find more - and you can even request other players to create specific characters you might want to try if you're not a dab hand at character customisation

That's all for our breakdown of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipes, along with how to use the character recipe passwords to get some of the custom characters above.

If you want more ways to fight, check out our Street Fighter 6 Wall Jump guide, which covers how to unlock these unique attacks.

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