How Long Is Sonic Frontiers?

How Long Is Sonic Frontiers?
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7th Nov 2022 17:19

Sonic Frontiers is almost upon us, and the reception to the game seems to be much more positive than early buzz seemed to indicate. Reviews are leaning more towards the positive side of the spectrum and Sonic fans are finally ready for the franchise to reach the greatness it once did.

With the gameplay receiving a much-needed shake-up, offering open-world zones and curated levels to explore, Sonic Frontiers is perhaps the biggest entry in the series to date. As such, the question on everyone’s minds is how long will it take to beat? Releasing the same week as God of War: Ragnarök, some players are cautiously balancing both games to maximize their time. If you’re curious to see how long Sonic Frontiers will take to beat, then look no further.

How Long Is Sonic Frontiers?

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Unlike other Sonic games, Sonic Frontiers ditches the classic stage-based gameplay for the most part, and offers a variety of gameplay experiences. You’ll spend a lot of your time within many of the open zones, completing puzzles, gathering collectables, and taking down foes. 

But there are also Cyberspace levels, which act like traditional Sonic stages. You’ll shift from side-scrolling to 3D perspectives as you race toward the end. There are also a number of cinematic boss battles in Sonic Frontiers, which aim to drastically change the pace of the game for players who have fallen into a rhythm.

Blending this all together, it makes for one of the most expansive Sonic the Hedgehog games to date, creating a daunting task ahead for new players. Thankfully, the actual runtime of Sonic Frontiers seems a lot more manageable than you may expect and won’t have you running to the hills.

During Summer Game Fest earlier this year, Sonic Frontiers’ director, Morio Kishimoto, originally claimed the game takes roughly 20 to 30 hours to finish but could double for those looking to accomplish everything. However, it seems that figure was slightly exaggerated, as reviewers have claimed the game takes roughly 15 to 20 hours to beat, pushing it upwards of 30 if you want to see everything.

The length seems much more respectable and manageable compared to the original comments of up to 40 to 55 hours to 100% the game. If you’re hoping you may get this completed in time for Christmas - or at least done quickly before God of War: Ragnarök - it appears you’re in luck.

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