Sonic Froniters Soap Shoes: How To Unlock

Sonic Froniters Soap Shoes: How To Unlock
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9th Nov 2022 17:52

A lot of fans hold Sonic to their heart and regard some of the classic titles at the peak of nostalgia. SEGA recognizes this, and as a token of commemoration to the hedgehog’s legacy, is offering eager players the opportunity to flex that admiration for the franchise’s past in Sonic Frontiers.

One of the most beloved titles in the catalogue of entries is Sonic Adventure 2, a title that is considered one of the best in the 3D era. To celebrate, SEGA is offering players the opportunity to sport the iconic Soap Shoes from the game in Sonic Frontiers. If you want to unlock and own the Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers, here’s exactly how to do so.

Sonic Froniters Soap Shoes: How To Unlock

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The process for unlocking the Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers is actually relatively easy but needs to be done outside of the game. Players simply need to sign up for the Sonic Frontiers newsletter by January 31, 2023. Anyone who does so will receive the Soap Shoes within a few days to use in-game.

If you want to sign up, simply visit the official Sonic Frontiers website and go to Newsletter. From this point, carefully enter all your details - including the correct platform - and complete the process. Also, ensure that you use the verification email sent to your inbox to confirm your details.

For anyone who doesn’t wish to sign up, it is possible to earn the Soap Shoes as part of the Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe Edition. This includes the Adventurer’s Treasure Box and Explorer’s Treasure Box, which along with an array of extra rewards, also includes the Soap Shoes for Sonic Frontiers. It’s important to note that these pieces of downloadable content must be redeemed and installed before starting your new save, as they won’t unlock in-game otherwise.

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