Sonic Frontiers Celestial Rain Achievement: How To Unlock

Sonic Frontiers Celestial Rain Achievement: How To Unlock
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9th Nov 2022 17:54

For the most part, the achievements and trophies in Sonic Frontiers are relatively easy. If you’re just going about completing puzzles, collecting items, and advancing the story, you should obtain the majority. However, there are the odd few which require a little bit of extra busy work.

One such offender is the Celestial Rain achievement/trophy. This ambiguous requirement is eluding quite a fair few Sonic Frontiers players but is actually much simpler than its confusing description seems. If you want to know how to unlock the Celestial Rain achievement/trophy in Sonic Frontiers, here’s what you need to do.

How To Unlock The Celestial Rain Achievement And Trophy In Sonic Frontiers

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As the description states, you will need to encounter a starfall for the first time. Unfortunately, you have very little to go on outside of that, but Celestial Rain can be obtained as early as the second zone in Sonic Frontiers if you know exactly what you need to do.

It’ll come as no surprise to know you need to complete this at nighttime, and when you reach Ares Island, your best bet is to venture next to Challenge M-037. Hang about in this area and a cutscene should begin, unlocking your Celestial Rain achievement/trophy. It will unlock as soon as the cutscene begins, so you shouldn’t have to wait around. If for some reason you’re struggling to trigger the event, also try visiting Challenge M-062 on Chaos Island or around the area of the Yellow Chaos Emerald on Ouranos Island.

As for what the starfall actually is, it’s essentially a mini-game. It will begin with a roulette game appearing and you will have to get the same picture three times to get fishing points. As this happens, stars will be falling around you. Catch as many of these as possible to keep the roulette spinning as much as you can. After two minutes, you should complete the Celestial Rain event in Sonic Frontiers.

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