Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos: What Are They And Where To Find Them

Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos: What Are They And Where To Find Them
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9th Nov 2022 12:19

For Sonic fans, the lore of the franchise is one of the key reasons many have loved and followed the blue hedgehog after all these years. With multiple games, movies, and cartoons to sink your teeth into, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the information the series throws at you, but if you embrace it, you’ll get a lot out of it.

Sonic Frontiers is the latest entry in the franchise, and players are coming across Egg Memos. For anyone who is invested in the series, these are fantastic additions, but for players on the outside, you may be confused as to what they actually are. If you want to learn everything about Egg Memos in Sonic Frontiers, including where to find them and what they do, you’re in the right place.

What Are Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos?

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Egg Memos are a unique type of collectable in Sonic Frontiers. While they don’t offer you any unique benefits, what they do possess is more story beats for anyone who wants to go out there and grab them. In the guise of audio logs, Egg Memos are voiced by Eggman himself and give you another story thread to follow if you want to collect them all.

They provide fun narrative beats for fans of the series and expand Sonic Frontier’s story for anyone who wants to embrace them all. You can use them by speaking with Big the Cat, who is located in various locations across the game. Once you’ve spoken to them, click the View Fish-o-pedia button, and you can listen to Egg Memos there.

Where To Find Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos

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Thankfully, Egg Memos aren’t ridiculously hard to find, leading you to scour the internet for collectable guides. Instead, they are purchased from Big the Cat via Treasure Tokens or Gold Cards. Again, these are relatively simple to gather and can be gained by completing the numerous fishing mini-games across Sonic Frontiers. These are spotted near Big the Cat, whom you can borrow a fishing rod from to start fishing.

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