Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins: What Are They And Where To Find Them

Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins: What Are They And Where To Find Them
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9th Nov 2022 16:04

Sonic is known mainly for grabbing gold rings in the many levels he blasts his way through, but Sonic Frontiers has a few other ideas up its sleeve. Instead of having you gain gold rings to gain lives or improve your high score, there are actually some other currencies that have much bigger benefits on the entire experience.

One of the most notable is Purple Coins, and these will become increasingly valuable as your time goes on in Sonic Frontiers. Whether you’ve stumbled across some and are curious as to what their use is, or you’re attempting to find more, here is everything you need to know about Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers.

What Are Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins?

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Purple Coins only have one use in Sonic Frontiers, and that’s for the fishing mini-game with Big the Cat. You may have stumbled upon this already, but if you’re unversed, you’ll want to look for purple portals across each zone. Once inside you’ll meet Big the Cat who will allow you to try out his fishing mini-game.

This side activity, which requires Purple Coins to play, allows you to catch Treasure Tokens. In exchange for these, Big the Cat will award you with a variety of different goodies, such as new gear and collectibles. If you want to avoid some unnecessary grinding, or simply searching for any extra bit of lore you can find, we strongly recommend using your Purple Coins to fish regularly.

Where Can You Find Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins?

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You may be happy to know you don’t need to go too far out to seek out Purple Coins. You will find dozens upon dozens scattered around each zone, meaning you’ll easily fill your wallet whilst exploring Sonic Frontiers. However, be sure to spend them fairly frequently, as you will only be able to hold 999 in one go. 

The best practice is to regularly use the fishing spots to gain as many extra rewards as possible. Not only will it benefit you in the long run, but you’ll avert the risk of having a full wallet when exploring the world of Sonic Frontiers.

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