How To Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers

How To Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers
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9th Nov 2022 14:37

While Sonic may be ridiculously fast, the world of Sonic Frontiers is so big that it still demands you to traverse some fairly large distances. While the enjoyment of zooming across the map never gets old, if you’re strapped for time or simply want to complete an objective quickly, then fast travel can be a viable option.

Sonic Frontiers boasts many open zones, and returning to old areas, along with fast travelling across the one you’re currently in can be a huge benefit. If you’re wondering how fast travel works in Sonic Frontiers and how to use it, here’s everything you need to know.

How To Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers

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There are actually a few ways to fast travel in Sonic Frontiers, and unlocking all the abilities will vastly decrease how much busy work you need to accomplish. To traverse between zones in the game, you will need to advance past the main story mission in that area that unlocks the next one. After this point, simply open up the map and press Switch Maps. It’s from here you’ll be able to teleport to a previously unlocked zone.

However, you may be curious as to how to fast travel within a zone itself, and this is a slightly less accessible feature. The main way is to complete every puzzle in that zone to gain the ability to fast-travel to any Cyberspace Portal on the map. While this may seem simple, Sonic Frontiers has a lot of puzzles to complete, so you may be wanting a faster way to do this.

We recommend visiting Big the Cat and playing the fishing mini-game. Throughout this, you’ll hook many rewards, but the ones you’re really going to want are either the Elder Koko’s Scroll or the Hermit Koco’s Scroll. These instantly unlock the ability to travel to upgrade NPCs in that zone, meaning you can drastically cut down your time sprinting across the map.

It’s worth doing this solution above every time you enter a new zone, to quickly capitalize on the fast travel mechanics and get back to what you love doing in Sonic Frontiers.

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