Sonic Frontiers Release Time: What Time Does Sonic Frontiers Come Out?

Sonic Frontiers Release Time: What Time Does Sonic Frontiers Come Out?
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7th Nov 2022 13:09

While God of War: Ragnarök may be dominating the gaming scene this week, there are still a fair few people eagerly anticipating the launch of Sonic Frontiers. The iconic platforming hero is returning and aiming to reinvent the series with its brand-new instalment. Early impressions left fans wanting more, but more recent hands-on previews signal the game is a lot better than it actually looks.

While it may be releasing under the shadow of a much bigger and highly anticipated title, fans are still ready to jump into Sonic Frontiers and check it out. With its launch on November 8th, many are wondering just exactly when they can jump into the game. If you’re looking for the exact launch time of Sonic Frontiers then we have you covered.

Sonic Frontiers Release Time

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Unlike many other titles that release at midnight in their respective regions, SEGA has decided to take a global simultaneous launch approach for Sonic Frontiers. This means you will be unable to change your region to access the game early and will have to wait for it to unlock in your time zone. 

If you’re wondering when that may be, here is when Sonic Frontiers unlocks for players around the world:

  • PT: November 7th, 9pm
  • ET: November 8th, 12am
  • GMT: November 8th, 5am

For fans hoping to grab early access to Sonic Frontiers - something which many AAA titles appear to be doing these days - unfortunately, you will be unable to. SEGA has gone the more traditional route and ensured everyone can jump into the game at the same time, offering nothing in terms of early access.

If you were hoping to get an extra day or two in ahead of God of War: Ragnarök, it seems you’ll have to wait just a little longer to dive into the world of Sonic Frontiers.

  • For those curious about the leap to current-gen, we also have everything highlighted in the God of War PS5 upgrade.

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