How To Drain The Water In Sonic Frontiers

How To Drain The Water In Sonic Frontiers
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9th Nov 2022 12:17

Unlike any other game in the series, Sonic Frontiers is built around completing a variety of puzzles to progress. With huge open zones to explore, it can be overwhelming, and you may get lost, but exploring and completing the many short puzzles will not only net you rewards but sometimes open up a path forward.

One puzzle that’s stumping a lot of players arrives a little later in Sonic Frontiers. Just when the training wheels have been removed and you finally feel confident tackling the game on your own, a particular task where you have to drain the water is becoming a roadblock. If this just happens to be preventing you from progressing, here’s how to drain the water on Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers.

How To Drain The Water On Ares Island In Sonic Frontiers

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After coming to the second island, you will come to a giant chasm, and inside is a massive chain sticking out with a structure on top. When you reach this area of Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers, your objective will be to “drain the water to move on”. A further description will explain that the structure above will “move if something hits it with enough force”. 

Unfortunately, you have little else to go with outside of that, but fear not, the solution is relatively simple. On the side of the lake, you will notice what appears to be a giant missile. Simply run a circle around it and it will be in your possession. You’ll have 30 seconds to take it to the artillery cannon on the other side of the lake, where you’ll insert the missile.

Once this has been completed, interact with the artillery cannon and aim it at the structure atop the chain. It’s important not to fire it at the chain, as this won’t work. With the building in your sights, fire the missile and you’ll trigger a cutscene that drains the lake of water, allowing you to continue your adventure in Sonic Frontiers.

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