The Sims 4 Simtimates And Bathroom Clutter Kits

The Sims 4 Simtimates And Bathroom Clutter Kits
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Kiera Mills


18th Jan 2023 16:03

The Sims 4 team has announced two new kits, the Simtimates Kit and Bathroom Clutter Kit which are scheduled to be released on Jan 19. For a full look at what we can expect in these Sims 4 kits, read here.

The Sims 4 Simtimates Kit

The Sims 4 Simtimates Kit
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The new Simtimates kit will introduce underwear and lingerie to The Sims 4. Until now CAS mode always featured the same set of pink underwear for sims. Now, you'll be able to add more personalisation to your sims with their choice of undergarments. In a recent post on Twitter, The Sims team listed the following items available in the pack:

  • Bodysuits
  • Playful boxer prints
  • A variety of underwear styles

Included in the featured image we can see examples of these, which are patterned enough to possibly wear as swimming clothes if you wish. This kit confirms images we saw from the Sims Summit in October 2022, where new kits were promised with artwork featuring a sim in a matching underwear set, giving credence to further speculations from the images.

The Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit

The Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit
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Following the relative success of The Sims 4: Everyday Clutter kit, players can delight in knowing that they are receiving a bathroom-specific clutter kit. It is widely accepted among The Sims 4 community that clutter items can make or break a build and can add detail to otherwise empty houses.

This Bathroom Clutter Kit will add more everyday essentials to bathrooms including the following items spotted from the promo images:

  • Several aquatic-themed wall decals
  • Two different towel railings with various designs including some featuring the Void Critter. Swatches come in a clean towel or one that is more scrunched up.
  • Plunger
  • Electric toothbrush with Void Critter swatch
  • Dentures in a glass
  • Different tubes of toothpaste
  • Comb set
  • Hairdryer
  • Wall sconce with unicorn swatch
  • New toilet paper rolls with patterned swatches
  • Bathroom storage unit
  • Bathmats
  • Soap products
  • Electric razor
  • Light switches


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