Everything New In The Sims 4 Patch 1.68

Everything New In The Sims 4 Patch 1.68
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Kiera Mills


18th Jan 2023 10:30

The Sims 4 have released another patch in preparation for the release of two new kits, the Simtimates Kit and Bathroom Clutter Kit. As with any Sims 4 patch, this comes with a list of bug fixes and adjustments. For a list of the main and most important patch notes, read here.

The Sims 4 1.68 Patch Notes

The main fixes included in The Sims 4 1.68 Patch are as follows:

For Base Game

  • Toddlers have been tweaked to better resemble parents when using the genetics mechanic. This is to create more unique-looking faces.
  • A fix has been implemented to stop sims from moving when the game is paused.
  • The 'Mint Green Belted Cardigan' and 'The Open Blazer' CAS items have been fixed to swatch properly.
  • A Juice Party will now count towards Throw 3 parties in the Party Aspiration.
  • Objects mounted on walls will no longer be removed when a different wall texture is applied in Build mode.
  • The 'Check for Pen Pal Replies' option will now display.
  • The 'Return from Daycare' notification will now only appear once.
  • General game crash fixers upon entering Live Mode.
  • The free build cheat can now be used in the 'Making Money' scenario.
  • The option to disable 'Wants and Fears' should now work properly.
  • Sims should be able to use public bathrooms again.
  • Other description fixes in Build Mode.

For Consoles

  • The 'Show all Households' option in the Manage Households menu works properly. There is a scroll function so all households can now be viewed.
  • Can fully adjust the UI scale.

Bust The Dust

  • A Fix to the smelling animation. This should only trigger when the environment is dirty.

Get To Work

  • Alien features will properly carry over when your Sim grows up.
  • A respectful introduction will now fulfil the Greet Co-workers/Patients task as a part of the Doctor Career.


  • Disabled the possibility of sims freezing to death in summer due to sprinklers.
  • Fixed the bug causing holidays to not schedule properly when a teen is in the household.

Snowy Escape

  • Work Withdrawals are now removed when working during off hours.

My Wedding Stories

  • Sims will no longer talk about planning their wedding ceremony after they are married.


  • You can now change werewolf fur properly in CAS mode.

Unfortunately, the patch only contains bug fixes, no new CAS or build mode items. With two new kits on the way and a Sims live stream on January 31 we can expect new content soon.

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