The Sims 4: Mass Effect Items

The Sims 4: Mass Effect Items
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Kiera Mills


11th Nov 2022 16:12

The Sims 4 team is collaborating with fellow EA game Mass Effect to produce new Mass Effect-themed items in time for N7 Day. The Sims 4 is known to drop collaboration projects for important occasions, most recently they released a new It Takes Two poster to coincide with It Takes Two's release on the Nintendo Switch. To see what free Mass Effect-themed items The Sims 4 are releasing and when you can pick them up for yourself, read here.  

The Sims 4 And Mass Effect Collaboration: New Items

If you're unaware, N7 day is a time of celebration amongst Mass Effect fans. Taking place on November 7 each year, The Sims 4 developers have decided to celebrate the day with a release of Mass Effect-themed items for fans of the Mass Effect and Sims franchise.

The items will be available on November 17 for all players who possess the base game. As The Sims 4 has recently gone free-to-play this means anyone can pick up the items for free.

No further details have been announced, from the poster, we can expect N7 and Andromeda Initiative-themed tops, tattoos, caps and possibly more. Make sure to update your game on November 17.

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