The Sims 4 November Delivery: What Is Included?

The Sims 4 November Delivery: What Is Included?
Images via Maxis

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Kiera Mills


9th Nov 2022 17:59

The Sims 4 delivery service is a relatively new feature in which The Sims 4 team can drop small updates and fixes without the need for a heavy patch. Read on to discover what is included in the November 2022 Sims 4 delivery, free for download to all players.

The Sims 4 November Delivery: New Item

In celebration of It Takes Two releasing on Nintendo Switch, Maxis have created an It Takes Two-inspired poster, available to all Sims 4 players for free. To get the poster in your game, simply update your game when prompted from the main menu, once you load up a game then enter build and buy mode and type 'It Takes Two' into the search bar. For those feeling underwhelmed by the new content drop, sit tight as we expect a Sims/Mass Effect collaboration later in November featuring Mass Effect N7-themed cosmetic items.

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