Rank Disparity In Rocket League Explained

Rank Disparity In Rocket League Explained
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29th Jul 2022 17:12

If you're wondering why you can't queue up with your friends on a ranked playlist in Rocket League, there might be one problem that cannot be solved with a quick fix. You might be either too good, or too bad, and Rocket League Rank Disparity is blocking your party. But, what is Rank Disparity in Rocket League, and how does it work?

What Is Rocket League Rank Disparity?

Rocket League is best played with friends. Once you've conquered the casual game and have your eyes set on something more challenging, Rocket League ranked is where you'll be headed next.

But if you've already settled on your rank, you might be faced with some slight problems. Starting with Season 4, Rocket League introduced rank disparity limitations, meaning that players in vastly different ranks can't team together.

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This came in to initially combat boosting and smurfing, meaning that players can't get carried in Bronze by a player in Supersonic Legend.


How Does Rank Disparity Work In Rocket League

The rank disparity in Rocket League limits anyone over three ranks apart from playing with a friend. 

For example, someone in Diamond 2 can play with a friend in Champion 2. But, if player two was in Champion 3, they would be too far apart in ranks to be allowed to play together.

  • A breakdown of Rocket League ranks can be found here to help you figure out if you and your friends can queue together

Can I Play With Someone In A Higher Rank On Rocket League?

As long as you stay within the three ranks, you will be able to play together, even if your friends are at a higher standard. 

The rank disparity also doesn't take into consideration sub-divisions, so don't worry about racking your head around every single victory. 

If I'm Queuing With A Player With Higher Skill, Will We Be Playing In Their Rank?

According to the Rocket League website, "A party that’s farther apart in Rank will match against players closer to their highest-Ranked player," indicating that even if they are not the host of the party, your opponent's skill level will reflect that of the highest-ranked member in your party.

If your friends are substantially higher in rank than you, maybe some training packs will help you learn the vital mechanics needed to progress.

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