Rocket League Neon Nights Start Date, Rewards, And Modes

Rocket League Neon Nights Start Date, Rewards, And Modes
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23rd Jan 2023 09:42

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Rocket League Neon Nights event start date? It's not Rocket League without having the Octane's stereo blasting out funky beats, and kicking off 2023 in fashion, Epic Games is bringing in Cochise to get the party started. In a brand-new event, Rocket League Neon Nights will celebrate Cochise's music within the soccar title and feature his high-pitched "LONG WAY" RL-inspired song as a soundtrack.

So with Rocket League Neon Nights coming, here's all you need to know about the start date, rewards, and limited-time modes. 

Rocket League Neon Nights Start Date

The Rocket League Neon Nights event is coming to the game on January 25, and with it will come a brand-new beat alongside a wealth of challenges to sink your teeth into for the next few weeks.

The limited-time event will last two weeks and end on February 7.

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Rocket League Neon Nights Rewards

As always, these events don't come without ways to customise your game in accordance with the theme, and just as Rocket League Neon Nights starts, the tombola of rewards will roll out. 

In usual fashion, there will be a range of challenges to undergo during the three-week period, allowing players to unlock some groovy gadgets for their garage.

Challenge Rewards

  • "Cochise" Decal
  • "Cochise" Player Banner
  • "INSPECTION" Topper
  • "INSPECTION" Avatar Border
  • "POCKET ROCKET" Topper
  • "POCKET ROCKET" Player Banner
  • MR. PROFESSOR Wheels
  • "Turn It Up" Player Anthem
  • "Long Way" Player Anthem

Bonus Rewards

Throughout the Rocket League Neon Nights event, players can also earn up to five "Golden Moons", which will serve as drops that unlock Items from the Zephyr, Victory, and Overdrive Item Series.

Item Shop

There are also three free or very cheap rewards in the item Shop too, which will allow all players to have a bit of funky fun during the event. 

  • "The Inspector" Player Title (FREE)
  • "Cochise" Antenna (FREE)
  • "POCKET ROCKET" Player Anthem (200 Credits)

Rocket League Neon Nights Limited Time Modes

There will be two limited-time game modes that will arrive during the duration of the Rocket League Neon Nights event.

Week one, starting January 25 and lasting until February 1, will see the return of the ever-popular Spike Rush. 

The second week of the Rocket League Neon Nights. from February 1-7, will then see Spike Rush be replaced by Speed Demon, where "pace, power, and precision" is the motto.

Rocket League Neon Nights will continue the game's relationship with music as well as bring back some classic game modes, so crank up that stereo and get ready for some half-flip-ing good fun (sorry).

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