How To Get Black Market Drops Rocket League

How To Get Black Market Drops Rocket League
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6th Jan 2023 17:31

Getting nicer items in your Rocket League garage can be quite expensive nowadays; Credits for the in-game store seldom appear in challenges, and esports decals come at a bit of a premium too. Blueprints are useless now too, who even uses them? So, you're left with drops. And if you want the premium rewards, you will be wanting the highest rarity Drop possible. Many of the rarest items in Rocket League are labelled as Black Market items, but can you get Black Market Drops, and if so, how do you get them?

Do Black Market Drops Exist?

Black Market Drops contain Black Market items, the rarest form of customisation in Rocket League, but, to this day, they have never been added to the game. Although they are in the game files, Exotic and Black Market Drops have never been offered out as rewards in Rocket League.

So far, the drops that you can get are Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Import. The latter Drop gives you the opportunity to pull Exotic and Black Market items out of the hat, but they're not a guarantee.

Black Market Drops Items
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Black Market Items are often covered up until unlocked

Black Market items can also be found in festive challenges, with the likes of the Golden Eggs at Easter and the Christmas Presents throughout the holiday season both containing seasonally-themed Black Market Drops.

There isn't technically a way to get Black Market Drops in Rocket League, yet, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.

How To Get Black Market Drops In Rocket League

PC players, you're in luck, sort of. There is one way to get Black Market Drops in Rocket League and that's through a mod.

As YouTuber Dylbobz explains, there is a mod which allows for Exoctic and Black Market Drops to be added to the game. The mod, available by request in a Discord server, writes every item into the game possible, including said Drops, if you know the codes.

This mod does somewhat undercut the Black Makrte Drops though as you could technically just write the script for the item you want, rather than play potluck in the Drops lottery, but it's fun to see what you can actually get nonetheless.

Unfortunately, at this moment, this is the only way that Black Market Drops can be found in Rocket League until the day Epic/Psyonix decides to lift the lid on them and finally offer out the lucrative rewards.

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